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    Derek (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)

    Derek (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)
    Daddy Derek.jpg
    "Cool Cat is the best son I've ever had!" Yeah right...
    Gender: Male
    Type: 'Enthusiastic' Father
    Age: Same as his real counterpart
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Derek Savage
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Cool Cat Saves the Kids

    Derek "Daddy Derek" Savage is a character in the film Cool Cat Saves The Kids. In that film, he is the father of the titular Cool Cat and his wife... is also a cat.

    NOTE: This page is about the self-insert character, not about the real-life person who created this film with the same name.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He is a zoophile since both his wife and son are cats. In fact, in the original book series, Cool Cat's dad is a cat, so where is he then?
      • This is most likely due to the fact that the filmmakers only had enough money for one catsuit. It still doesn't excuse the fact that making Derek, who is a human, Cool Cat's dad is a bad idea on so many levels.
    2. He is heavily implied to have poor parenting skills. While he isn't mean-spirited at all, it doesn't look like he properly disciplined his son well and instead gave him the cheapest forms of advice with nothing actually insightful. This might be what turned Cool Cat into some blithering fool who thinks he's good at helping children with their problems.
      • In one scene, he even lets his son drive a car when they're in Hollywood, which is something that kids aren’t supposed to do.
    3. Derek Savage portrays him very poorly, where he gives off a performance that is so fake and unnatural, he seems like the type of parent that tries to act 'hip n cool' to fit in with the kids, with no other actual personality other than just that. This comes off as embarrassing all the way through, even for the 2010s.
    4. He often speaks in an overly enthusiastic tone that can sound rather fake and ironic. He especially said "Wow! $100?! That's a lot of money!" with that same tone of voice.
    5. He has some very pointless moments that provide lots of filler in the process, like when he showcased his Van Halen-signed guitar. Another one includes him whacking sticks on a tree as a form of 'cardio training', and it can come off as a tad bit creepy and merely questionable for a kids' movie.
    6. Despite being a supporting character to Cool Cat and his friends, the way he dresses and appears makes him look like he's some sort of sloppy, irresponsible parent that honestly shouldn't be trusted.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite his rather poor portrayal, at least he's nowhere near as bad as his son.
    2. Much like his feline son, his poor portrayal can come off as ironically entertaining to some.
      • Daddy Derek has also shown to care for his feline son, which saves him from being the neglectful type of parent (it doesn't excuse for how sloppily written he is though).


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