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    Denzel Crocker (seasons 9 and 10)

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    Denzel Crocker
    "I got put on the Loathsome Characters Wiki?! It could only be the work of FAIRY GODPARENTS!"
    — Crocker's reaction to when he was flanderized in seasons 9 and 10.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Wannabe Cosmo/Mr. Turner Character
    Age: 40
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Carlos Alazraqui (original show and live action reboot)
    David Lewis (live action movies)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Fairly OddParents
    First appearance: Oh Yeah! Cartoons

    "I am SO disappointed in you young lady! You were the only student in this class who hadn't been attacking me with SCORPIONS!! To the principal with you! Your perfect record, HAS BEEN DESTROYED FOREVER! *cries* "Mother!"
    — Denzel Crocker to Chloe after being surprised by an apple disguised with vicious scorpions.

    bad article

    Denzel Crocker, also known as Mr. Crocker, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Vicky) in The Fairly OddParents and is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

    Sadly, he had received massive amounts of flanderization from season 9 until the show's cancellation, but he redeemed himself in The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder, as he is marginally reverted to his original personality.

    Why He Deserved an "F"-

    1. He went from being a crazed teacher wishing to prove to the world that fairies exist, into a carbon copy of Cosmo and Mr. Turner combined.
    2. He is also an incompetent and idiotic villain as well, most notably in the episode "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S.".
      • Speaking of which, in its sister episode, "The Fair Bears", he immediately believes Chloe Carmichael into thinking that the Fair Bears are fairies because, you know, Little Miss Perfect knows best, right?
    3. His backstory as a child of how he originally lost his fairies has been completely changed. On that note, his child self went from a passionate, loveable, and brave kid who wanted to help others into an egoistic brat, much like Timmy Turner had become.
    4. Like Cosmo and Mr. Turner, he became a 'too dumb to live' type character.
    5. Along with Mr. Turner, he is severely overused because he became the creator's pet for cheap laughs. Examples:
      • He is portrayed as more of a huge punching bag than usual in several of the episodes such as "The Terrible Twosome" and "Certifiable Super Sitter".
      • "Dumbell Curve" has him grading Timmy, as well as running jokes of him thinking doors are forcefields (alongside Mr. Turner) and him thinking the water is crying (alongside Mr. Turner) when it is also indeed a sprinkler.
      • "Force of Nature" has him being a running joke of seeing a kid eating sweets, only to think the kid in question is a fairy then gets shocked by a taser.
      • "Cosmonopoly" also does indeed have him as a running gag of one of the Turners doing something to Crocker which it does indeed make him say the quote "I hate this family!".
      • "Turner Back Time" has he being a running joke of living in a trash can, as well as trying to kill Timmy in the near end of the episode alongside with the town people and a train respectively.
      • "Desperate Without Housewives" has him randomly showing up out of nowhere in the Turner household as he hangs out with Timmy, his dad, and worse, Cosmo (whom he could have hunted and is supposed to hunt usually), as they celebrate 24 hours of no women.
      • "Stage Fright" has him pointlessly shoehorned into the episode in two cameos out of nowhere, where he is in the audience of Vicky's tryout play, and in the end, he has his play titled Crock of Ages Starring Vicky Whats-Her Name, where it stars him and Vicky.
      • "Gone Flushin'" has him pointlessly shoehorned in the episode out of nowhere, where he is in the bathroom in his house, and gets shocked by an eel, he has done a lot of wrong things in his life, while also calling his mom.
      • "Booby Trapped" has him pointlessly shoehorned in out of nowhere alongside his mother, and he remains the main antagonist of the story.
      • "Marked Men" has he shoehorned in out of nowhere alongside his mother, and he is trying to capture Mark Chang in the episode alongside his mom and government agents.
      • "Dimmsdale Daze" has him in a scene where he is on a ride with Chloe, and as a running joke (alongside Mr. Turner) of calling Chloe a "creepy woman".
      • The final episode, "Fancy Schmancy", has him as a joke in the two scenes, where Timmy and Chloe do put his furniture upside down, he calls his mother, and he also does fall to the floor.
    6. He acts like an immature jokester of a manchild, similar to Mr. Turner in several episodes, such as "Desperate Without Housewives", "Animal Crockers", "One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest", "Married to the Mom", "Crockin' The House", "Certifiable Super Sitter", "Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears", etc.
    7. He seems to be the only villain aside from Foop who the writers always favored over almost all the other villains.
    8. His gags have gone from mostly entertaining to irritating.
    9. His character slowly started to derail beginning in season 7, with season 8's "Timmy's Secret Wish!" marking the true beginning of his character's downfall. In that episode, he helps Timmy return to Fairy World, only for him to be in the background and make running jokes for the remainder of the episode.
      • Speaking of which, the episodes "Timmy's Secret Wish!", "When Losers Attack", "Scary GodCouple", "Return of the L.O.S.E.R.S", "Clark Laser", and "Crockin' The House" as well as the TV movie "A Fairly Odd Summer" have him socially interacting with Foop in a rather positive and friendly matter, although he is an anti-fairy, which is almost the same as the regular fairies. This is a missed opportunity for Mr. Crocker to confront and hunt the anti-fairies (and even other species like the pixies to an extent) in general, which could have allowed for a more creative, interesting, and ambitious plot.
    10. In season 10, his original personality is completely gone except "Fairly Con" and "Chip Off the Old Crock!".
      • Speaking of the latter episode, we are introduced to Kevin Crocker, his nephew, who is more or less a miniature version of Denzel himself. Don't we already have his mother for that?
      • Kevin's high-pitched voice when compared to Denzel is also annoying to listen to as well.
    11. The humor surrounding him living with his mother is also too exaggerated in some episodes, such as "Booby Trapped".
    12. Despite being the "main antagonist" since season 7, he is mostly just written and portrayed as a filler or comic relief/running joke character (or otherwise, an incompetent idiot who constantly screws up his plans to catch fairies properly), much like Mr. Turner, and his original personality was only there when the plot demands it.
    13. He occasionally acts like an anti-hero or Neutral Character rather than an Actual Villain in some episodes.
    14. His ears being located on his neck still makes him look rather hideous in appearance, especially if close-up. We know it's meant to represent his personality, but still.
    15. In the episode "Turner & Pooch", which started Crocker's flanderization he kidnapped Sparky who is also very unlikable and the reason season 9 was the show's downfall, taking him to his basement and hypnotized him by planning to change his name to Herman which was one of the dumbest ideas ever thought of even more so than that ugly mom disguise on the worst Dexter's Laboratory episode "Momdark", from season 3.
    16. He is very cruel to his class as he constantly likes to psychologically abuse his students with methods such as constantly giving them F's on their projects and tests even if the students put in the hard work on them. He especially does this to Timmy, constantly showering him with F’s. Because of this, Mr. Crocker is ironically one of the reasons why Timmy was given fairy godparents as Crocker was one of the people who made Timmy miserable in his life.

    "A"+ Qualities

    1. He was a better villain in the first six seasons, although it is questionable whether he was in character or not in seasons 7 and 8, he massively redeemed himself in The Fairly Odd Parents: Fairly Odder.
    2. He still has an original personality and hilarious moments in several episodes, such as: "The Terrible Twosome"( despite being a punching bag), certifiable super sitter,( despite being a punching bag yet again), etc.
    3. He is still a tragic character deep down due to the events of "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker" from season 3, which makes his flanderization even sadder.
    4. Carlos Alazraqui still does a very good job voicing him and even surprisingly plays him in The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder. Unlike most of the other actors from Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder.
    5. He does still have several funny moments at times like when he took his mother's cell phone by mistake and was screaming at it in a state of embarrassment as shown by his mother twerking at him saying "Denzel's a loser" after he accidentally turned on gloating mode, and others.
    6. His character design, while still ugly, is still iconic.
    7. He still has his iconic catch-phrase such as "FAIRY GODPARENTS!"
    8. He can be likable at times.


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