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"Can I kiss you?"

Denny is a supporting character that appeared in the infamous 2003 film The Room. He was portrayed by Philip Haldiman.

Why He Sucks

  1. Denny always gives creepy expressions when he asks questions.
  2. Like Johnny, he is obsessed with football.
  3. He is an orphan who bought drugs despite being under 21 (He said that he was about to turn 18 apparently).
    • Speaking of drugs, it is never explained why he bought them in the first place, and every time Lisa asks him why he bought them, he just vaguely replies "it's okay!" or "it doesn't matter!".
  4. An example of Denny being very creepy is when he hits on Johnny's fiancee, Lisa.
  5. Denny also stalked Johnny and Lisa when they were pillow fighting.
  6. Denny actually admits that he's creepy due to the fact that he said "I just like to watch you guys"
  7. Denny also asked if he can kiss Lisa after he complimented her, and said he was "just kidding" in a very creepy fashion to boot.
  8. Him saying he was "just kidding" was also a form of lying.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Apart from his creepiness, he's pretty easy-going and quite friendly with other characters like Johnny and Mark.


  • Director Tommy Wiseau claimed that Denny is "retarded, a little bit" which implies that he has some form of mental disability.


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