Dee Dee (Dexter's Laboratory)

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee DL.png
"Ooh! What does this button do?"
Gender: Female
Type: Annoying & Idiotic Female Dancer
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Allison Moore
Kat Cressida
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Dexter's Laboratory

Dee Dee is the deuteragonist in the Cartoon Network series, Dexter's Laboratory. She is Dexter's blond-haired older sister. She was voiced by Allison Moore in Seasons 1 & 3 and Kat Cressida in Seasons 2 & 4.

Bad Qualities

  1. She has the tendency to tease her little brother, Dexter, for no discernible reason.
  2. She is extremely hyperactive and spends most of her free time just destroying or ruining Dexter's lab in various ways for her own enjoyment.
  3. She also tampers with her brother's inventions. Thus, she is the main reason that her brother's inventions go awry all the time.
  4. There are several episodes where she is arguably at her worst, evident when:
    • In the episode, "Dexter is Dirty", when Dexter cloaks himself in rubber, Dee Dee notices that he's very slippery and uses him as a sled and makes him destroy the house in the process.
    • In "Nuclear Confusion", without making a physical appearance, she steals Dexter's nuclear core to force him to play her scavenger hunt and inadvertently almost destroys the world with a nuclear meltdown.
    • In "Germ Warfare", she intrudes Dexter's lab and spreads her germs despite Dexter telling her to stop and infects him with the flu.
    • In "Framed", she eavesdropped on Dexter and Douglas' conversation, humiliated them on the bus, and mocked Dexter by wearing his glasses and broke them and got off scot-free.
    • In the episode, "Quiet Riot", while Dexter tries to sleep after staying up all night working in his lab, she kept on disturbing him when she could have simply just left his bedroom, close the door to it, and gone on about her day.
    • In "Trick or Treehouse", Dee Dee builds a treehouse where everyone except Dexter is allowed in. When Dexter enters it and gets trapped under bread box, Dee Dee mocks him then goes to wreck his laboratory.
    • In "Opposites Attract", she keeps touching Dexter in unsettling ways.
    • In "Remember Me?", when Dexter gets amnesia, Dee Dee decides to play tricks on him by creating a whole new identity for him in her image, even going as far as to record it.
    • In "They Got Chops", she repeatedly assaults Dexter with her judo skills for no reason.
  5. Her singing in "Dee Dee Be Deep" is really ear-piercingly bad, although this is likely intentional.
  6. She's hypocritical whenever Dexter goes into her room and messes with her stuff. For example, in the pilot episode "Changes", she becomes angry with Dexter after she found out that he had her doll in his lab for an experiment, presenting her hypocrisy.
    • Also, in "Faux Chapeau", she blames Dexter for selling the helmets that enlarged everyone's heads when she was the one who sold it to the public first and gave Dexter the idea to sell it in the first place.
  7. She crudely insults Dexter at times, such as calling him "dorky" or "four-eyes", although Dexter also insults her at other times.
  8. There are also a handful of moments where she displays a high level of idiocy, such as when she thinks a certain type of animal is another type of animal (ex. "Jurassic Pooch", "Techno Turtle", and "Comedy of Feathers" just to name a few).
    • In the episode "Folly Calls", is where her idiocy has hit rock bottom. Dexter gives her a potion to make her missing hair grow back. However, Dee Dee squirts too much of it in her hair, and she blames Dexter for everything that has happened even though it was mainly her own fault, and instead of thanking him for saving her life, she tells Dexter to not ever leave his inventions at the hands of the "idiotic". Monkey logic, much?
  9. From Season 3 until the show's cancellation, she got flanderized to become more frequently idiotic, destructive, and annoying than she already was prior to Season 3.
  10. She barely gets punished for her actions and sometimes gets rewarded for the things she does, one example being "Golden Diskette", showing her Karma-Houdini status, while Dexter is often left to get the short end of the stick.
  11. She has a mild form of pica as revealed in "Dexter's Rival" where she eats the trail of candy Dexter left while the wrappers are still on to lead her to Mandark's lab to destroy it as revenge for simply being superior to him and "Unfortunate Cookie" where she eats the fortune cookies including the fortunes inside them.

Good Qualities

  1. She has shown that she loves and cares for her brother deep down in some episodes, despite how she treats him on other occasions.
  2. She has been shown to actually be a very wise girl for her age who displays far better common sense than her brother and less naivety about subjects that Dexter is completely ignorant about. She also has a far better understanding of nature and inner peace than her brother as well as apparent knowledge of important biological and botanical subjects, being very familiar with the achievements of biologist and friar Gregor Wendell who even Dexter was completely ignorant of. In addition, she is good at cooking and parenting implying that she gets straights As in home economics as well as being great at video games compared to her brother and she breaks sterotypes of female gamers.
  3. Her friendship with Mee Mee and Lee Lee can be fun and entertaining to watch.
  4. While she lacks Dexter's skills in technology and science, she has shown to possess a powerful imagination that can even bring imaginary creatures to life, and she can even travel to the imaginary world of Koosland and interact with imaginary creatures such as the Koosalagoopagoop (or Koosy for short). In Seasons 3 & 4, she is also made the creator of Koosland.
  5. She is well written in several episodes, such as "D & DD", "Sassy Come Home", "Paper Route Bout", "Dee Dee's Rival", "Koosalagoopagoop", etc.
  6. She does benefit Dexter at times.
    • One notable episode is "Way of the Dee Dee", when Dee Dee teaches Dexter to find his inner peace and escape his secluded and lonely lifestyle. Dee Dee actually takes the blame when Dexter starts destroying his own lab.
    • Another example is in the episode "Dexter's Debt", Dee Dee loans Dexter her $200 million check to pay off his debt to NASA, ever after he tried to steal it from her piggy bank, but under the condition that they share Dexter's lab.
  7. Some of her lines and catchphrases are decent, such as "What does this button do?".
  8. Allison Moore and Kat Cressida both did a decent job voicing her in their respective seasons.
  9. Her lanky design is rather cute and makes a good contrast with her much shorter brother.
  10. She does sometimes get comeuppance for her actions, but rarely (as mentioned above in BQ#10).


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