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    Dawn Swatworthy
    "I'm such a celebrity!" Uh, no you ain't!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Stereotypical Teenage Alpha Girl
    Age: 16
    Species: Fly
    Portrayed by: Tara Strong
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Buzz on Maggie
    First appearance: The Science Whatchamacallit (Cameo)

    The Candidate

    Last appearance: Bugtillion

    Training Days (Cameo)

    Dawn Swatworthy is the main antagonist of the 2005-2006 Disney Channel TV show The Buzz on Maggie. She is the queen bee of Buzzdale Academy and Maggie Pesky's (and sometimes Rayna's) arch-nemesis. A snobby and cruel girl, Dawn is usually seen bullying, teasing, and attempting to get Maggie in trouble at school.

    She was voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices Maria Monarch, Bella Pesky (Aldrin, Maggie, and Pupert's baby sister), and Carmela in the show.


    Dawn has two friends that always follow her. She is very vain, snobby, shallow, bad-tempered, self-centered, and is the school's most popular girl. Dawn is genuinely uncaring towards the others. Gym Shorts Kid is her biggest fan and often gives her his shorts as gift for respect.


    Dawn is very snooty, selfish, stuck-up, and cold-hearted and sees herself as a celebrity and has huge thoughts about herself. She frequently bullies others around her especially Maggie and Rayna.

    She has also shown to be very intelligent and manipulative as she manages to trick the staff including Principal Pestrip into thinking she's innocent and managed to write untrue things in the other kids' permanent records without being caught.

    Why She's Not a Celebrity and Will Never Be One

    1. To start things off, she is a spoiled, bratty, selfish, and stuck-up girl who cares only about herself and her looks and not anyone else.
    2. She will use blackmail, her rich girl status, and emotional warfare to get whatever she wants.
    3. She is one of those stereotypical Alpha Bitches who are annoying and popular and will do anything to get what they want, no matter how condescending or underhanded.
    4. She acts like a bug version of Mackenzie Hollister from Dork Diaries, who is no better, despite that book series and character coming out years after this show.
    5. She thinks just because she is the most popular girl, she can do anything she wants which is not true as there are privileges and rules, and she abuses and breaks them.
    6. Her popular girl army is regimented by strict rules, an all-pink fashion code, and loads of manipulation, which makes it look arbitrary.
    7. Like Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Tara Strong did a poor job voicing her due to how ear-piercing her voice sounds.
    8. She acts like a sweet, innocent girl towards adults, even Principal Pestrip, but shows her true nature to the students.
    9. In fact, her two friends constantly follow her around, always follow her orders, and can barely think for themselves.
    10. Despite Aldrin being a jerk but one who cares for his family, she has almost no character development or sympathetic moments and remains a stuck-up brat.
    11. She and her posse will psychologically abuse others by tormenting them, spreading lies and rumors to make themselves feel greater about themselves, and using Dawn's parents' inheritance to bring more importance to Dawn's status as a popular girl.
    12. In "The Candidate", she showed an embarrassing and hideous photo of the new student, Maria Monarch, when she was a baby the whole audience, made her cry.
    13. She was at her absolute worst in "The Unusual Insects", where she wrote lies in Maggie's, Rayna's, Eugene's, Wendell's, Gym Shorts Kid's, and Melvin's permanent records and got them all in detention, and even wrote in her permanent record that she would never change a permanent record. Those actions could get her arrestedǃ

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She gets karma for her actions in the episodes where she's the main antagonist.
    2. Much like all of the characters in The Buzz on Maggie, her design is good.
    3. When her voice is not ear-piercing, her voice by Tara Strong can be mainly semi-tolerable.


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