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    Dave the Mall Guard (Transformers: BotBots)

    Dave the Mall Guard
    "No one'll believe I saw them-- yet. But there is no way they'll escape my brilliant and cunning plans! This is only the beginning!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Slobby Mall Guard
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Mark Little
    Media of origin: Transformers: BotBots

    Dave the Mall Guard is a former antagonist of Transformers: BotBots. He is the only human to be aware of the BotBots. He is voiced by Mark Little.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He and Spud Muffin are one of the weakest antagonists in Transformers: BotBots.
    2. While some incarnations feature humans as allies, this series shows humans as a threat as the bots are trying to hide from him.
    3. He's supposed to serve as an antagonist because he is trying to catch and exposed the BotBots, but he literally only attempted to catch them in five episodes.
    4. He can be disgusting most of the time, like in "Escape from Snackatraz", when he dropped a bran muffin on the ground and on the ketchup, mustard, and pickles (that came from Burgertron) and picked it up and ate it.
    5. He often naps all the time, which might make him irresponsible because he is the mall guard. Also he often wears earphone that could keep criminals from getting them.
    6. He is known for making terrible passcodes, like in "Phoning It In" and "Shopping Brawl" where each passcode is just the number "1" multiple times.
    7. His redemption was kinda rushed, he stated he won't try to reveal the BotBots anymore.

    Good Qualities

    1. At least the BotBots don't try to harm him, just like the AutoBots from the regular Transformers franchises.
    2. Mark Little does a good job voicing him, unlike most of the other actors.
    3. Despite him being an average character, he's overall more tolerable, likable, and interesting, than the other Transformers in Transformers: BotBots.
      • The ending of "The Goldrush Games - Part the Second" showed that he accidentally convinced a Sector 7 agent named Agent Wagner about the BotBots, which could give him more character development and better redemption.
    4. At least he saved the mall from the mall robots in "Shopping Brawl".
    5. He can be relatable and hilarious at times.
      • Despite his intentions on catching the Botbots and compared to Spud Muffin, he is overall not an evil or mean-spirited person.


    • The only BotBots he saw in the series were: Burgertron, Dimlit and Spud Muffin.
      • Plus, Burgertron is the only BotBot to be seen by Dave twice. He is also the only BotBot to ever interact with Dave, but he only interacted with him on Ring-A-Ling.
    • According to "Escape from Snackatraz", Dave was born on February 29, which is a leap year.
    • Dave's appearance resembles his voice actor, Mark Little.


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