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“Until such time--beware!”

Darkthorn (originally named Darkthornn) is a villain from Image Comics' Youngblood. He is the evil ruler of planet D'khay and is the "primary" enemy of the superhero team of the same name.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is a rip-off of Darkseid from DC Comics and created by Jack Kirby with a brute-like design.
  2. His design is cheesy, yet unconvincing and even more of a Darkseid wannabe.
  3. Misleading Name: His name implies he has “dark” spiked thorns either his armor or helmet, while also possibly has powers over “dark” thorns. Nope, he has golden armor and a purple suit and his powers is just laser beams and hands like summoning a portal.
  4. His skin color is a rip off of Sinestro and his race with the red colors.
  5. His plans are unclear where he wants some "prophecy" to not come to pass as he wants Prophet for reasons that were never explained.
  6. We never much about him, and is stated to be a planet conquerer than thought as a time traveler.
  7. Just like Youngblood's villains, he is quite forgettable.
  8. He does a poor job trying to be the "big bad" of the Youngblood comics, and is very uninteresting at all.
  9. He fails to be intimidating compared to other villains.
  10. He has no personality or character development, whatsoever.
  11. Unlike Darkseid, Darkthorn is some kind of random generic "doomsday" villain that is not threatening at all.
  12. He is said to have an army (that are also rip-offs or homages to Jack Kirby's Fourth World mythos from DC Comics) of "winged demons" (rip-offs of Parademons who served Darkseid, and never shown), and the disciples of doom, who ripped off the "resistance is futile" line of the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  13. His motives barely make much sense, where his disciples are a product of futuristic science.
  14. He used a teleportation device called a crash tunnel according to Prophet, which is not explained, clearly.
  15. He could just leave one of the Youngblood teams, without any more fighting.
  16. His powers are very unoriginal such as optic blasts, and hand ray beams.
  17. We don't how he encountered another team, called the Berzerkers.
  18. He easily defeated Prophet with no explanation of how he beat him.
  19. His showdown with Psi-Fire was anti-climatic, by having Darkthorn escape just from being stared by Psi-Fire.


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