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    Danzō Shimura
    Gender: Male
    Age: 72-73 (Part II)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: William Frederick Knight (English)
    Hiroshi Ito (Japanese)
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Naruto
    First appearance: Naruto

    Danzō Shimura is a supporting character of the Shonen Jump manga and anime series, Naruto. He was the founder and leader of the Root, a division of the Anbu Black Ops, and an advisor to the Hokage. After Tsunade was put into a coma, Danzō was momentarily appointed the sixth Hokage before being killed by Sasuke.

    Why He (Intentionally?) Sucks

    1. He created the Root, a subdivision of the Anbu black ops that forced young children to become assassins for the Hidden Leaf Village. Sai was a victim of this horrendous upbringing.
    2. While the Naruto series has tons of great character designs, his design one of the ugliest as he looks like an extremely old generic Asian guy.
    3. He manipulated Hanzo into thinking the Akatsuki was a threat to his rule, which caused Hanzo to betray the Akatsuki and was the main factor that led Nagato to becoming the villain, Pain.
    4. He helped Orochimaru with his experiments on children to cultivate Hashirama's power in order to boost his own strength.
    5. He recruited Kabuto and his caretaker, Nonō into the Anbu, then decided to betray both of them when he felt they were too dangerous to be kept alive. So he brainwashed Nonō so that when he sent her to assassinate Kabuto, she wouldn't be able to recognize him. This broke Kabuto and was responsible for him joining Orochimaru and him becoming the villain that aided Tobi in the Fourth Great Ninja War through his Reanimation Jutsu.
    6. During the Nine Tails Attack on Konaha, he decided to have the Uchihas be sent to guard the villagers instead of fighting Kurama out of the ridiculous paranoia that they'd use the Nine-Tailed Fox against the village. Had they been allowed to participate, they could've managed to put Kurama under a genjutsu and given Minato enough time to successfully seal Kurama again, preventing the Hidden Leaf Village from losing many of their forces, their villagers, and their jinchuriki.
    7. He leaked the truth about Naruto being the jinchuriki for the Nine-Tailed Fox, thereby making him responsible for all the discrimination and torment Naruto was forced to go through during his childhood.
    8. He was one of the elders who suspected that the Uchiha Clan was responsible for releasing the Nine-Tailed Fox and decided to have them relocated, discriminating against them for several years.
    9. After the Nine-Tailed Fox attack, he decided to try and assassinate Hiruzen because he thought Hiruzen was too soft and his death would be best for the village. Then, even after Hiruzen was told the truth by Kakashi and spared from death, Danzō didn't show any gratitude whatsoever and just called Hiruzen a fool.
    10. He tried to have the Anbu steal Kakashi's Sharingan to use as a replacement for his own Sharingan eye, even though he already had dozens of Sharingans implanted in his arm.
    11. He didn't do anything to try and appease the Uchiha Clan despite being able to see the lingering resentment and just allowed them to continue being discriminated.
    12. When Shisui suggested using his Kotoamatsukami to stop the Uchiha from revolting against the village and settle things peacefuly, while Hiruzen and the rest of the council agreed, Danzō instead decided to steal Shisui's Sharigan just to use it for himself.
    13. Though Hiruzen tried to end the coup diplomatically, Danzō secretly conspired with Itachi, blackmailing him into assassinating the entire Uchiha clan instead on the condition that only Sasuke be spared, forcing Itachi to not only kill his parents and his clan, but become a rogue shinobi at the tender age of thirteen.
    14. He was basically responsible for all of the events that led to the Uchiha Clan massacre which could've been easily avoided if he hadn't been so paranoid and prideful about doing things his own way.
    15. It's pretty clear that Danzō was going to kill Sasuke to tie up any loose ends, and the only reason he didn't was because Itachi threatened to pass on classified village information to all the nations if he did anything to Sasuke.
    16. During Pain's assault on the village, he killed the messenger frog Kōsuke to try and stop Naruto from returning to the village.
    17. He didn't do anything to help during Pain's assault and had all the members of his Root not to help Konoha just so Tsunade would be removed as Hokage and he could take the mantle. Even when confronted with the fact that all the villagers would die, he just said that Tsunade would heal "most" of them.
    18. When the sixth Hokage was being selected, he mentioned all of the problems that the village faced because of the teachings of Hiruzen, even though he himself had a role to play in all the problems he mentioned.
    19. He use his Sharingan on Mifune to try and manipulate him into being the leader of an alliance of the Five Nations to fight against the Ataksuki.
    20. During his fight with Sasuke, he tried to take Karin as a hostage, causing her to almost get killed by Sasuke, though thankfully she survived his attack.
    21. He's a complete hypocrite:
      • He preaches about the importance of self-sacrifice and giving one's life for the village, but he himself has never put his life on the line because he's too much of a coward and because he believes his life to be too important. Sasuke himself calls Danzō out on this when he tries to take Karin as a hostage.
      • He instills upon his Root the importance of suppressing their emotions, but one of the things that drives him most is his desire to become Hokage, and he let the village be destroyed by Pain just so he could obtain the position of Hokage.
      • During the meeting to decide the sixth Hokage, he blames Hiruzen's teachings and Jiraiya's generosity for allowing villains like Pain and Orochimaru to rise up and attack the Leaf Village, even though Danzō played a huge role in the event that caused Nagato to turn against the Leaf Village, and he also trained Orochimaru in the Root himself, actively assisted Orochimaru's experiments and gave him the resources to learn new jutsu.
      • He blamed Tsunade for allowing Sasuke to roam free for so long, even though he was directly responsible for the Uchiha massacre which caused Sasuke to leave the village in the first place.
    22. He's supposed to be treated as sympathetic for being forced to handle the darkness of the Shinobi world, but far too many of his actions were done out of self-service and resulted in the creation of several villains.

    (Intentional?) Redeeming Qualities

    1. At the very least, he attempted to sacrifice himself in order to stop Tobi and Sasuke from destroying the Hidden Leaf Village.
      • ,Thankfully, Sasuke defeated him, so he's no longer alive and can't do anymore bad things to ruin the series.
    2. During his fight with Sasuke, he made some valid points that Sasuke didn't really care about the truth regarding Itachi, and he just wanted to use it as an excuse to hate someone else now that Itachi died. Considering that Sasuke was willing to kill everyone in the Hidden Leaf Village, that isn't too far off from the truth.
    3. He was probably meant to be intentionally loathsome unlike Sakura.
    4. His English and Japanese voice actors do a great job at voicing him.
    5. The Naruto series wouldn't be the same without him.
    6. His design is cool, especially his black mask.


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