Dan (Fuck Mr. Hatcher)

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Want me to suck you off?

Dan is the main character who first appeared from the infamous game called Fuck Mr Hatcher Later, the game itself became popular because of GameGrumps.

Why He Sucks

1. He's a perverted freak that harrases Mr. Hatcher in a sexual manner and he once squeezed his balls.

2. Just like Fleabag Monkeyface, he does several gross stuff.

3. In the sequel, he killed his pet Uppity-Loo for no good reason.

4. His voice is obnoxious and irritating at some point.

5. He became worse in the sequel, rather than assaulting Mr. Hatcher, he keeps playing with his penis, making it show most audiences barfing because of his stupidity.

6. Notably, his screaming is awful to hear.

7. Dan is shown to be rude, stupid, reckless, destructive and immature person that makes act like he hasn't been educated well.

8. His smile is creepy at times.

9. He has little to no character development.

10. He does a horrible job at being a human.