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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Crude, tasteless and kinky concepts are discussed on the following page. Read at your own discretion.

    "Want me to suck you off?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Perverted Degenerate Kid
    Age: TBA (Implied to be a high schooler)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Pavel Lubanski
    Media of origin: Fuck Mr Hatcher

    Dan is the main character who first appeared in the infamous game called "F**k Mr Hatcher". Later, the game itself became popular thanks to GameGrumps.

    However, there are still more videos on YouTube that displays the kinky fetish-induced adventures and misadventures Dan gets himself into, because of how much infamy it got.

    Why He Intentionally Needs to F**k Off

    1. He's an incredibly perverted, kinky, and overly erotic creep that continually harasses Mr. Hatcher (an grown-up who's in his 40s) in a needlessly sexual manner to the point where you are even able to make him squeeze Hatcher's balls as well.
      • What makes it worse is that not only is Dan a full-on mesophile for showing sexual attraction towards Mr. Hatch, but Dan even causes Mr. Hatcher to mistakenly become a pedophile as a result.
      • Not only did he get his cat to lick off his penis, but he also had oral sex with his pet bird! This form of bestiality makes him out to be a mindless zoophile.
      • Instead of masturbating and keeping it to himself, he decides to go to Mr. Hatcher's house and acts smooth in order to get sexual with him, a grown-up neighbor of his.
    2. He also drinks shot glasses of alcohol, just to attempt being cool and being like an adult, which is very unhealthy and illegal of younger ages to do.
    3. Gross-out Behavior: Much like Fleabag Monkeyface, he does plenty of disgusting things that make himself seem undignified and filthy to an extreme extent.
    4. His voice sounds very bland and lifeless, due to how much his voice has no emotion to it, which gets very obnoxious and irritating at some point.
      • A lot of his screaming is downright awful and grating to hear.
    5. He became worse in the sequel, Foreskin Fun with Dan, where rather than assaulting or flirting with Mr. Hatcher, he keeps playing with his penis, making it show to the point where most audiences end up barfing because of his endless stupidity and lack of human decency.
      • He even killed his pet parrot Uppity-Loo for absolutely no good reason.
    6. Continuing on his behaviour in Foreskin Fun with Dan, he gets even kinkier, cruder and a lot more disgusting in the said sequel than before. As he gets his psychotic mom to wipe him after Dan takes an automatic dump in his pants, pulling his foreskin so hard that it stretches and wears it on his head like a blanket, and he even tried to attach his dick to the edge of a window to fall outside like Disney's Rapunzel and to attach his foreskin onto a ceiling fun; both of which made his foreskin ripped all the way off, making him look so depraved in such a creepy and extremely disturbing way, to the point that it can make you feel rather uneasy just watching what he does.
      • He even slapped his own mom's bottom and calling her "Sugar Tits" upon thanking her for wiping him.
      • He even punched his own bird in the game Foreskin Fun with Dan, proving that he is a animal abuser.
      • He also keeps a starving man in his house and doesn't react to it other than shock, as he allowed him to eat the ice cubes that came out of his peeled penis, proving that he has caused senseless torture to others before.
      • Worse still, in the second game, his idiocy and lunacy never come off as genuinely funny, endearing, or entertaining, but rather unnatural, uncomfortable, disturbingly kinky, downright demented, sometimes laughable and above all else, extremely cringe-worthy.
    7. Much like King Star King, Dan seems to enjoy anything uncomfortable and painful happening to him and most of his antics tend to be masochistic, which reaches the point that he can be viewed as a childish masochist with a brainless streak.
    8. Dan is also shown to be a very rude, stupid, reckless, insane, destructive, and immature person which makes him act like he hasn't been educated well at all from having a lack of thought for what he does to the senseless things he does; it all makes him look like an intellectually challenged weirdo with a continual addiction to sex and putting himself into predicaments.
    9. He keeps a journal that shares the many childish and moronic things he did throughout his lifetime as if they're fun memories, which comes across as laughable and ludicrous.
    10. He has a very unappealing character design, as he looks more like a creepy dork than someone endearing.
      • As such, his smile can look very creepy at times, particularly in Foreskin Fun with Dan.
    11. He has little to no character development, making him have no depth.
    12. He does a horrible job at being a decent human being because of how lifeless and soulless he seems to be.
    13. His music video "Mr. Hatcher In Submission", felt like a somewhat half-assed story about Dan realizing the mistakes he made with his sexual desires over Mr. Hatcher, which fails to create any 'emotional' impact on his character aside from being supposedly remorseful.
    14. He overall went from being an average calm but horny teenager and has formed into an even more immature, ignorant, and terribly educated 'plus-minus' harebrained character with no charm and likeability to him whatsoever.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite being naive or horny sometimes, he was a better character in the first game since you did actually have the option to make him behave like a normal person, even if the game's writing makes him do sexually awkward things by default to progress with the game.
    2. Even though he's a total weirdo, his exaggerated levels in horniness and stupidity in the first game, are so outrageous and ridiculous enough to the point of it's considered to be "funny" or "comical".
      • In the first game, he even got some choices where he gets comeuppances for attempting to be rude, aggressive, awkward, too forward or sexual towards Mr. Hatcher, especially when Mr. Hatcher calls out Dan for touching him or flirting with him at the wrong time, or when Dan threw a glass bottle at his face and lashed his anger at Dan, which can be funny at times to watch despite them being bad endings.
    3. Pavel Lubanski still does a great job voicing Dan.

    Videos (NSFW)

    WARNING: Some inappropriate and vulgar imagery is displayed in some scenes throughout the following videos. Viewer discretion is advised.


    • He keeps a journal to write down his thoughts and what happens in his everyday life.
    • He has a pet parrot.


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