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    Daisy Duck (MMW, HoM, TUAC, TLOTTC)

    "FAIRY GODPARENTS!"Denzel Crocker
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    Daisy Duck
    "Quackers! What's happened to me?!"
    Daisy's hypothetical reaction to her flanderized self in these shows.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Selfish, Greedy, and Abusive Girlfriend
    Species: Anthropomorphic Duck
    Portrayed by: Diane Michelle (1998-2000)
    Tress MacNeille (2000-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Mickey Mouse Works
    Disney's House of Mouse
    Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
    Legend of the Three Caballeros

    Daisy Duck was created by the The Walt Disney Company and, like her boyfriend Donald Duck, she is a short, anthropomorphic duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. Her iconic outfit consists of a huge hair bow on her head, high heels, and a blouse. However, unlike Donald, she can sometimes be seen wearing long dresses to cover her bottom half. She is known for being a diva who likes shopping and has a love for being in the spotlight, wearing the latest clothes of fashion.

    Unfortunately, she was flanderized in Mickey Mouse Works, Disney's House of Mouse, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, and Legend of the Three Caballeros, becoming an imbecilic sociopath in the former two and a supercilious, delirious egotist in the latter two.

    Quackers Qualities

    NOTE: This only applies to how she was portrayed during Mickey Mouse Works, Disney's House of Mouse, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, and Legend of the Three Caballeros. Her other counterparts are fine.


    1. She was flanderized from being a kind, supportive, mature, and loving girlfriend of Donald Duck to being a selfish, inconsiderate, reckless, ignorant jerkass to him and others with little depth beyond that.
    2. Even though she's supposed to be a friend of the five other main protagonists, she rarely treats them with any type of dignity or respect. She more often than not annoys, posters, and causes trouble for them, to the point of treating them like punching bags. This is best illustrated in her interactions with them in Mickey Mouse Works, where she frequently torments them, treats them like playthings, and ropes them into her destructive shenanigans, especially Minnie.
      • She is abusive to Donald Duck and treats him like a slave rather than a boyfriend to the point where she barely seems to care about him.
      • Mickey is always annoyed by Daisy's airheaded antics, troublemaking, melodrama, and Jupiter-sized ego.
      • Probably the person that she has the worst relationship with is Minnie, as "Daisy's Big Sale" attests. She is a horrendous lout of an influence on the mouse and abuses her in many of these episodes, usually running her patience dry.
    3. She has a massive entitlement/laziness issue that has to be desperately satisfied, so it's no surprise that the other characters (sometimes including her friends) dislike her immensely and find her ego incredibly demeaning, obnoxious, and pitiful. A good example is "Daisy Visits Minnie" (or "Daisy Bothers Minnie" according to House of Mouse), where there's a running "gag" where she constantly orders Minnie to do favors to her.
    4. For some reason, she is now depicted as a comic relief, and a really annoying one. Her bothersome jokes, loud voice, condescending nature, and idiosyncrasies are more destined to irritate or bore the audience than amuse them, especially with how much she is shoehorned in.
      • Now and then, she'll provide rather disgusting, unsuitable, and uncomfortable gross-out and toilet humor (or unnecessary fanservice) for the sake of cheap laughs, most notably in Mickey Mouse Works. Some instances are "Daisy Visits Minnie" (where she shows up in nothing but a bathrobe and showering cap) and "Daisy's Road Trip" (at one point, she finds a coin and drops it down her blouse).
    5. Though Diane Michelle and Tress MacNeille do awesome jobs voicing her (especially the latter), it doubles as annoying, ear-piercing, and obnoxious (especially the former), since Daisy is a character who is always loud, excitable, and moody. This is most apparent in "Daisy's Road Trip", as she spends most of her time yelling, deafening her allies, and screaming even when speaking normally. For example, the scene where Daisy loudly reads street signs, particularly ones for "Broccoli Farm", all while gloating to her fellow reluctant transporters about her adoration of broccoli, even singing about it.
      • In general, she is very, very loud and always has something to say, no matter how insensitive, problematic, or irrelevant.
    6. She is also an incredibly stupid and airheaded womanchild as well, always causing trouble for others through sheer moronitude and involuntary coincidence. Plus, Daisy simply can't seem to calm down or find some type of hobby that doesn't involve ignorant fun at others' wants, making it seem as if she has some kind of mental attention deficit disorder like ADHD.
      • She is a horrendous judge of character and behavior. Nowhere else is this most evident than in "Double Date Don", where she repeatedly berates, silences, and even breaks up with Donald under the belief that he's cheating on her with Clara, even though it's blatantly the opposite, Donald is portrayed as a sexual harassment and assault victim rather than a lecherous two-timer, and Clara is shown repeatedly and explicitly PRESENTING HERSELF TO HIM against his will.
      • Despite being the one who conjures the schemes whenever her and someone else (usually Donald and/or Minnie) have to fix something, her sleazy plans barely make any lick of sense.
    7. She almost always comes out on top and never gets any comeuppance or shows remorse for all the terrible crap she puts people through, thus making her a Karma Houdini.
      • One good example is "Daisy's Road Trip". After causing them burden after burden, damaging (and eventually destroying) the car, and even nearly getting them all killed, Mickey finally snaps at her and goes on a detailed, berserk rant about how she intruded on his date and caused them so much trouble just because "the day wouldn't be so boring", and how he and Minnie just want to be alone (which he even tried to tell her earlier), and to exaggerate it so it definitely gets into her mind, he blasts her with a megaphone, breaks a door next to her (shattering the glass), flashes signs spelling out his yelling while screeching "We! Want! To! Be! ALONE!"', enlists Goofy as a cheerleader physically spelling them out, and even calls an Ajax airplane (the same one they landed on thanks to her reckless driving) to spell it out. Not deterred, Daisy takes this literally by straight-up hijacking the car and speeding off into the city, ready to cause more havoc, stranding the Mouses in the middle of nowhere, with no way of getting home!
      • She also gets away with indirectly torturing Donald to the point where he suffers a stress-induced panic attack in "Donald's Gift". This convinces the nephews to follow her lead of pretending to not even know who he is, getting himself shot out of the store by a misled security guard who questions his Christmas spirit. In fact, Donald's extreme temper tantrum that results in him destroying an animatronic display show (plus his anxiety) can be traced back to her. She (alongside the nephews) was the one who barged into his house, uninvited, and is implied to have had to drag him against his understandable will to the mall, where he is forced to partake in extreme consumerism and commercialism that doesn't match the spirit of Christmas, which he is even shown practicing earlier in the segment!
      • She gets way too much screentime, and due to this, she never changes her behavior - in fact, she seems to get worse with each passing series, especially Legend of the Three Caballeros, where her cruelty, obnoxiousness, ego, and inability to own up to her own mishaps are exaggerated as much as possible.
    8. Since Daisy is a pathological liar incapable of honesty until her antics bite her in the feathers, she sometimes gaslights and manipulates others to join her immoral deeds. Donald and Minnie are the most frequent victims of this.
    9. She outright refuses to take responsibility for her screwball (and deliberate) exploits ("Daisy's Road Trip" isn't the only example), more often than not seeking a scapegoat to blame for her numbskull behavior. Other examples include "Double Date Don", "Donald's Dinner Date" "Daisy's Big Sale", and "Donald's Gift", amongst others.
    10. Depending on your opinion, she is even a knock-off of Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies (especially during Mickey Mouse Works). Both are unstable, wacky, zany, destructive, hyperactive, over-emotional and sometimes mean deuteragonists with anti-heroic, egotistical and antagonistic tendencies towards the populous who serve as comic reliefs for the sake of laughs. Unlike Daffy thought, Daisy lacks the charm and likable sensibilities of said character, since she, instead of a loon, is just a petty jerk. Additionally, whereas Daffy is mainly mischievous in a comical way, has a moral code, only resorts to outwitting and petty pranks, and doesn't mean any real harm or malice, Daisy seems to mean actual torment with what she does, condescending or not. In short, she's basically a flanderized clone of Daffy (even moreso than his DePatie-Freleng, Format Films and Seven-Arts persona), but with none of his intelligence and good humor.
    11. Her temper and impulsivity are worse than ever, to the point where it's exaggerated, demeaning, and unfunny.
    12. Her selfishness, insensitivity, and ego have been cranked up in the worst ways possible. Plus, all of the antagonisms, misery, and underhanded bullying she inflicts, intentional or not (particularly in Legend of the Three Caballeros are incredibly gratuitous, extreme, disgusting, depressing, cruel, and hurtful rather than justified, amusing, mainly because she almost always goes way too far with her ruthless behavior to the point of being extremely distasteful and remorseless. A major example comes from "Daisy's Road Trip", as she causes many brutal and tasteless misfortunes (both physical and emotional) to befall Mickey and Minnie, which are discussed further later in this article.
      • Her antics reach extremely cruel, outrageous, and beyond-sickening levels in "Belles on Ice", where she actively sabotages and trashes Minnie's skating act, hogs the spotlight away from her to insane degrees, and even humiliates her at certain points.

    Mickey Mouse Works

    1. She is depicted as obnoxious, immature, bossy, excessively talkative, and annoying to her friends.
    2. She's a bad friend to Minnie, as she constantly annoys her and takes her for granted.
      • In "Daisy Visits Minnie", she inconsiderately invites herself over to Minnie's house, orders her around for tons of favors, and floods her house.
      • In "Daisy's Big Sale", she causes Minnie a lot of misfortunes through making her test her hairbows and manipulates her into staying by her side whenever she tries to back out. It's also revealed that Daisy is even more of a bad influence on Minnie than we thought, constantly roping, manipulating, and blackmailing her into joining her shenanigans. We don't know why in some flashbacks shown, but her antics have apparently gotten them to suffer a horrific injury bad enough to get them hospitalized in full-body casts, locked in the slammer, and nearly drown in wet cement.
      • In "Daisy's Road Trip", she once again invites herself on Mickey and Minnie's date and puts them through hell by talking too much, playing "Punch Buggy" (a game where, according to her, you punch your opponent while shouting a state name), making them stop the car multiple times so she can go shopping, and driving recklessly (which nearly gets them killed repeatedly). In the end, she has the gall to blame the mice for the torturous ordeals that she put them through, and abandons them after Mickey goes on a rant about her infuriating antics and that he wants her to get lost.
    3. She acts like she is entitled to everything, invites herself to her friends' places and bosses them around. On that note, she tends to overstay her welcome.
    4. She tends to make Donald badly at times.
      • In "Double Date Don", she jumps to conclusions about Donald cheating on her with Clara Cluck and refuses to listen to his explanations. She even dumps him!
      • In "Whitewater Don", she invites herself to Donald's fishing trip under the suspicion they're going on a romantic date when Donald was intending to go fishing by himself, and ruins his trip, such as throwing his fish back in the water.
      • At the end of "Donald's Dinner Date", she ungratefully blames Donald for the miserable service she had at the restaurant which Donald took her to for their dinner date when it's entirely the fault of their incompetent waiter Goofy.
      • In "computer.don", she threatens to break up with him all because he isn't technologically in the 21st century, and shows him a website based around an embarrassing picture of him.
    5. She is shown to be a massive hypocrite:
      • In "Double Date Don", she orders Donald to build a brick wall so Clara won't spy on her, even though she participates in it and Clara doesn't. She even admits this in the same sentence with this line:
        • Daisy: My nosy neighbor, Clara Cluck, always catches me when I look in her windows.
      • In "Donald's Dinner Date", despite threatening to dump Donald for having a bad temper, later the two go out to dinner where the incompetent Goofy serves as their waiter. While Donald tries his hardest to control his temper despite Goofy's incompetence frustrating him to no end, Daisy seems to get progressively irritated and angrier as Goofy continuously screws up on the job as their waiter as the cartoon progresses. So much so that when Daisy's anger reaches its boiling point by the end, she ends up throwing a huge temper fit like Donald.
      • In "Daisy's Road Trip" (the biggest example), after their vehicle brutally smashes into the ground (making everyone disperse on impact), a miserable Daisy outright blames Mickey and Minnie for the chaos, negativity, endangerment, and suffering that they experienced, completely disregarding the fact that she was the direct cause of their trouble and torture with the line "First, you made me ride in the back. Then, you make me drive. And now, this!". Outside of this once again showing that Daisy is incapable of handling criticism even when it's warranted, what makes this particularly insulting is 3 things that she brings up:
      • Riding in the back: Daisy chooses this on her own accord at the start of the episode. She enjoys her position since it allows her to troll her best buddies with her childish lunacy. In addition, Daisy even weaponizes her seat placement at two points. The first has her unceremoniously punt Minnie, before explaining the game of "Punch Buggy" in her delirious logic. The scene pans out, and all we see is the car comedically bouncing in tune with the continuous off-screen assaults. In the second, Mickey suggests playing the Quiet Game so she'll shut up following her antics causing trouble at his expense. Daisy, being the hyperkinetic walking danger site that she is, can't find a sufficient way to calm down, opening and closing the side windows, and searching for items in the trunk. After one item (a tire) doesn't satisfy her, she sulks until spotting a shiny, candy-red ejector button next to the Mouses. Getting an idea, the duck pushes this button, rapidly sending the duo rocketing skyward before they brutally plop back in their seats. Daisy chipperly announces "I win!" thanks to her ill-gotten tactics.
      • Making her drive: Daisy once again volunteers for this, misinterpreting Mickey's complaints, and even stating they should've done this all along. She also abuses this power to inadvertently trouble them more, instigated by grabbing a canister of perfume she bought earlier and imprudently spraying it all over her green bow and the windshield, all because her bow is too droopy, practically blinding everyone and making the car hurtle for an undesirable joyride.
      • Getting her soaked: This is probably the worst example. Daisy chose to go on a self-inflicted destructive rampage in the car, leading everyone to a waterfall. What's worse is that Mickey and Minnie holler at her that they're about to be flapjacked and their remains will be swept away with a single, terrified "DAISY!", to which Daisy ignores them and lambasts their shouting with "That's it! I'm turning this car around!". Continuing, on the ride back up drenching everything, flooding the compartment, and risking drowning everyone, Daisy encounters a trio of small fish plopping their mouths on the windshield, implying Mickey and Minnie are correct, but she disregards this, screeches "MOVE IT!" and wipes the animals off.
    6. She is very insensitive and ignorant, never noticing or caring about the predicaments caused by her.

    Disney's House of Mouse

    1. She's just as bad as she was in Mickey Mouse Works as she is portrayed as even more egotistical, inconsiderate, and braindead. She has also been rewritten into an obsessive fangirl.
      • In "Ladies' Night", she and Clarabelle selfishly destroy Minnie's scheduled phone so they can have fun rather than take care of their responsibilities.
      • In "Unplugged Club", she slaps Donald when he kissed her, even though they're dating! To be fair he did kiss her when the lights were out and by surprise.
      • In "House of Turkey", she constantly pesters guest-of-honor Mr. Turkey to do his signature gobble despite him refusing to do it all because she's a huge fan of it, ignoring the fact that his gobble is what drives the hungry Gus and the audience to want to catch and eat him!

    Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

    1. She is way worse than she previously was in both Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse, due to the following reasons as described below.
    2. In "Belles on Ice", she is once again abusive to Donald as she mistreats him by shutting his beak when he is talking and snatching the bell away from him when he rings it and she tries to steal the spotlight from Minnie, starting their feud.
    3. In "Donald's Gift", she did much worse things than in both the segments "Belles on Ice" and "Christmas: Impossible", where here she forces Donald to go to the mall with her and his nephews, even though he is tired from going outside and only wanted to relax and enjoy his hot chocolate. She literally blames him, along with his nephews for damaging the display when she forced Donald to come along and didn't even care that Donald wanted to relax and once again, doesn't apologize for her behavior towards him. She even called Donald a "grump".
    4. While she still has a nice design and the CGI animation used on her isn't all that bad, it looks rather cheap-looking, and uncanny at times, akin to an early Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, or Xbox video game character.

    Legend of the Three Caballeros

    1. She was once again flanderized from being a kind, supportive, and mature girlfriend of Donald into a wretched cheapskate who pretty much doesn't care about him, except this time even worse in every conceivable way.
    2. She never sympathizes with Donald and doesn't care about his thoughts, even worse than in previous incarnations.
      • In "Dope-a-Cabana", she berates Donald for not picking her up for his birthday and doesn't even give him a chance to explain the reasoning and his misfortunes and just outright breaks up with him, even when his house was burning down. She also ignored the fact that in that very same episode Donald is urgently called into work by his boss on his birthday under threats of getting fired.
    3. She cares more about her dates with Donald than him saving the world from danger, showing how selfish and inconsiderate she is.
      • In fact, she believes she deserves all the attention from Donald.
      • Heck, in "No Man is an Easter Island", when Donald is forced to leave his date with Daisy by Xandra to stop the Lava Lizard Queen, she leaves a letter for him about her breaking up with him again, coldly tells him never to contact her again, and even leaves him with the expensive check when he came back to the restaurant.
    4. She is hypocritical, as she thinks of Donald as "angry, undependable, and selfish", when she is clearly shown to be angrier, isn't there for Donald, and doesn't care about his feelings.
      • To be fair, in the original shorts and other entries outside Legend of the Three Caballeros (even including Mickey Mouse Works, House of Mouse and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas), Daisy is also shown to have anger issues almost as bad as Donald's, if not worse, but not to the extent of being mean and heartless, making this out of character for her.
    5. She even shows up at his house with her new boyfriend Dapper (Donald's lookalike from "Donald's Double Trouble") in "Mount Rushmore (or Less)" just to make Donald jealous by rubbing it in his face, despite her breaking up with him. Geez, what a two-timer.
    6. Her mistreatment towards Donald throughout the series ends up bringing out Donald's worst traits rather than his best traits, which highlights further how toxic she is;
      • In "No Man Is an Easter Island", because of how Daisy dumped him at the beginning of "Dope-a-Cabana", Donald becomes a complete suck-up to Daisy during their date at Chez Quackmore to make it up to her, despite the latter being in the wrong, going so far as to neglect his duties to help his friends to stop the Lava Lizard Queen for Daisy's sake, forcing Xandra to forcefully abduct Donald from their date so that he could help them, much to Daisy's frustration. When Daisy dumps him for the second time and leaves him with the expensive check when he returns to the restaurant, it results in Donald throwing a massive temper tantrum and destroying the entire restaurant out of rage.
      • In "Stonehenge Your Bets", Donald, still sore over his previous break-up with Daisy, refuses to cooperate with his friends at the start of the episode until when he, Jose, and Panchito are thrown into Goblin Jail. He even briefly takes out his anger on Panchito for his predicaments when the trio are thrown into said prison, earning him a well-deserved scolding from Jose.
    7. She is seen as a desirable person for Donald, which many viewers disagree with, due to her abusive and spoiled nature and says Donald should find a better girlfriend.
      • Speaking of which, her actions make her come off more as an antagonist than a love interest to Donald, enough to make her previous three flanderized incarnations as mentioned above seem like a more desirable girlfriend to Donald in comparison. And worse, she isn't even supposed to be an evil villain in this show unlike Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose and Baron Von Sheldgoose, which makes her even more unlikable.
    8. Due to all of these traits, she's a mean girl.

    Charming Qualities


    1. She has a nice design, as per usual for a classic Disney character.
    2. She is still likable outside of these entries, such as Fantasia 2000.
    3. Her voice actors, Diane Michelle, and Tress MacNeille did a decent job voicing her.
    4. These were at least attempts to give Daisy more of a personality with a comedic edge beyond being just "the love interest of Donald Duck", albeit with botched results. But other Mickey Mouse-related media have made this attempt correctly like in the movies and specials Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, and the TV shows Quack Pack, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, and the DuckTales reboot.

    MMW, HoM, TUAC

    1. She was massively redeemed after these entries where she reverted to her original personality beginning with Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers, Kingdom Hearts II and retains it starting with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (though she was flanderized again in Legend of the Three Caballeros).
    2. Of all of her four "flanderized" incarnations here, her character is arguably the least bad and the most tolerable in House of Mouse, though that isn't saying much.
    3. She has moments where she cares for her boyfriend Donald and her friends.
    4. Despite her notable decrease in intelligence in comparison to her original counterpart, there are moments in the first two entries where she is more intelligent and level-headed than her more impulsive boyfriend Donald who often resorts to temper tantrums, which is more evident in House of Mouse. A good example of this is in the House of Mouse pilot episode "The Stolen Cartoons", where she points out to Donald how there is a lot more responsibility in running the entire House of Mouse nightclub than just changing its name to the "House of Duck".
    5. She at least sometimes apologizes to her friends if she realizes her wrongdoings. For example, in "Daisy Visits Minnie" (Retitled as Daisy Bothers Minnie in House of Mouse), she apologizes to Minnie for messing up her night at home and Minnie forgave her by replying "What are friends for?" in return, which is sweet.
    6. There are a few occasions in both Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse where she does receive comeuppances for her actions, such as:
      • In the ending of "Double Date Don", she finally realizes her mistakes at the last moments and crashes Donald and Clara's impromptu wedding before apologizing to Donald and asking if she can pay him back. The scene cuts to Donald relaxing in Daisy's hot tub as he wanted, while Daisy builds the brick wall by herself.
      • In "Daisy's Big Sale", her disastrously misguided attempts at selling hairbows lead her to get chastised by Clara and ditched by the rest of her customers.
    7. She has funny moments in the first two shows.
    8. She sacrifices her duet with Mickey for Minnie after realizing she wants to spend time with her boyfriend in the House of Mouse episode "Daisy's Debut".
    9. The first two entries wouldn't be as great as they are without her.
    10. There are several episodes in the first two entries where she is likable, and sympathetic and even has her original personality, such as "Minnie Visits Daisy".
    11. To be fair, she wasn't too bad in the beginning of Mickey Mouse Works when Diane Michelle voiced her since she usually has her original personality and was a sweet girlfriend to Donald as well as being a decent friend to Minnie. Despite having a couple of mean-spirited traits here and there, she still leans more towards her positives than her negatives for the most part. Unfortunately, her flanderization would eventually start kicking in when Tress MacNeille took over starting with "Daisy's Road Trip".


    1. She gets back together with Donald in the series finale.
    2. She's a skilled puzzle-solver.
    3. She still loves her adorable nieces, April, May, and June.
    4. It is easy to forget she doesn't know the damn good reasons Donald has to ditch her that the audience is in on. For example, in the first episode, she took the day off to be with Donald on his birthday, only for him to leave her stranded in a very sketchy and unsafe part of town for hours on end after promising he'd be right over, and she implies this is far from the first time he's done something like this. And during their romantic dinner when Donald is trying to woo her back, she can tell he's hiding a big secret about his new life from her (since he claims he's unemployed yet hired her three nieces to house-keep), and then ditches her a few times during said dinner. While the audience knows he has damn good reasons for the above (his boss called him in to work, his house burned down, he had to save the world, etc.), Daisy is locked out of the loop, so from her perspective he's just being secretive and unreliable. While it doesn't at all excuse her jerkassery towards him (and especially not her Operation: Jealousy ploy), it's also easy to forget her POV.



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