Daisy Duck (Legend of the Three Caballeros)

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Daisy Duck (Legend of the Three Caballeros)
If you thought Daisy Duck in Mickey Mouse Works, House of Mouse and Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is a toxic girlfriend, this more toxic version of Daisy makes those previous bad incarnations of hers look like lovable saints and desirable girlfriends in comparison.
Gender: Female
Type: The dark side of Daisy Duck
Species: Anthropomorphic Duck
Portrayed by: Tress MacNeille
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Legend of the Three Caballeros'

Daisy Duck is a Disney character and is Donald Duck's girlfriend and appears in the Disney animated TV series Legend of the Three Caballeros. Unfortunately, she got flanderized into being selfish and unlikable. She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Why She Isn't Too Likable

NOTE: This articles only applies to the character as depicted in Legend of the Three Caballeros.

  1. She was once again flanderized from being a kind, supportive, and mature girlfriend of Donald into a mean, spoiled, abusive, selfish, and inconsiderate person who pretty much doesn't care for Donald. In fact, this is the second time she was flanderized badly, except here in Legend of the Three Caballeros, she is much worse.
  2. She never sympathizes with Donald and cares less about his thoughts, even worse than in previous incarnations.
    • In episode 1, she berated Donald for not picking her up for his birthday and didn't even give him a chance to explain the reasoning and his misfortunes and just outright breaks up with him, even when his house was burning down. She also ignored the fact that in that very same episode Donald is urgently called in to work by his boss on his birthday under threats of getting fired.
  3. She barely treats Donald like a boyfriend and treats him more like a punching bag, which her other bad incarnation wouldn't even go that far.
  4. She cares more about her date with Donald than him saving the world from danger, showing how selfish and inconsiderate she is.
    • In fact, she believes she deserves all the attention from Donald.
    • Heck, in episode 5, when Donald leaves his date with Daisy to stop the Lava Lizard Queen, she leaves a letter for him of her breaking up with him again and coldly tells him never to contact her again and even leaves him with the expensive check when he came back to the restaurant, Like wow!
  5. She is hypocritical, as she thinks of Donald as "angry, undependable, and selfish", when she is clearly shown to be more angry, isn't there for Donald, and doesn't care about his feelings.
  6. She even counts as a Mary Sue.
  7. She even showed up to his house with her new boyfriend, Dapper Duck (Donald's lookalike from the Donald Duck cartoon "Donald's Double Trouble") to make Donald jealous, despite her breaking up with him.
  8. She is seen as a desirable person for Donald, which many viewers disagree due to her abusive and spoiled nature and say Donald should get a better girlfriend.
  9. Due to all of these traits, she's a mean girl.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She gets back together with Donald in the series finale.
  2. She's a skilled puzzle solver.
  3. She has a nice design, as per usual for a classic Disney character.
  4. She loves her adorable nieces, April, May, and June.
  5. She was a much more likable character in all other entries outside Legend of the Three Caballeros and has massively redeemed herself again outside of this show.
    • A lot of fans really appreciated Daisy Duck in Ducktales (2017) and Paul Rudish's The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse because the producers removed any traces of mean girls to make her a more likable character.



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