Daigo Kiryu (Super Sentai: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

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"It's going to get wild, try and stop me"

Daigo Kiryu (桐生 ダイゴ Kiryū Daigo) is the red ranger and leader of the 37th Super Sentai team, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like all the other Kyoryugers, he unnecessarily dances while he's about to henshin.
    • Even when it's supposedly the "Melody from the Earth", it's still annoying.
  2. He is often a jerk.
  3. Daigo most of the time didn't act his age.
  4. Although he is an easygoing, strong, excitable, surprisingly insightful, and very optimistic person, he is excitable and optimistic to the point he becomes a downright annoyance.
  5. Daigo is very reckless and tends to act first and thinks later in fights. Let's not forget, if he didn't think carefully or he goes way too far, he could've gotten himself and his teammates killed.
  6. He was kicked out of the Kyoryugers by Tessai/Kyoryu Gray I due to none of his attacks were able to hurt Debo Nagareboshi because he had no weakness.

Good Qualities

  1. His Lighthearted and Energetic nature is what makes him really awesome despite his downright annoyance.
  2. His roll call is decent.
  3. He is not as bad Takaharu Igasaki
Daigo as Kyoryu Red.