D.W. Read (Arthur, seasons 1-15)

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D.W. Read
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"Well, I didn't know. I'm just a child.
Give me a break!"
Gender: Female
Type: Spoiled Brat
Age: 4
4¾ (promotional)
5 (Season 3)
Species: Aardvark
Portrayed by: Kelly Greenley
Elizabeth Telefus
Michael Caloz
Oliver Grainger
Jason Szwimmer
Robert Naylor
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Arthur'

Dora Winifred "D.W." Read is a major character from the 1996 PBS Kids TV series, Arthur . She is a preschooler who is Arthur's younger sister and Kate's older sister.

Bad Qualities

  1. She enjoys annoying, complaining, and getting Arthur into trouble, often for no discernible reason.
  2. She has the tendency to be overly dramatic and bossy.
  3. She hates her name and prefers to be called D.W. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to be called something shorter, hating your own name is something else.
  4. She is more gullible than any girl her age and believes everything she sees on TV.
  5. Her voice is incredibly grating, especially when she cries.
  6. She tends to disobey orders, especially reasonable orders from Arthur.
  7. There are a few episodes in which she is arguably at her worst, evident when:
    • In "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood", she threw a huge temper tantrum, constantly saying very mean and rude things to her family and friends, yelling at them at the top of her lungs, and making a lot of loud noise at night preventing them from sleeping, all because she didn't get invited to a birthday party her friend Emily did and she didn't even like the girl who's party it was.
    • In "D.W. the Picky Eater", she hates healthy foods, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, mushrooms, eggplants, pineapple, parsnips, cauliflower, liver and even spinach and believed it's the most disgusting food in the universe. She flipped her plate with spinach and it was all over the waiter and everyone was staring at her, and she obviously believes that everybody's making this into such a big deal. Thankfully, she lost hatred for spinach in the end of the episode (which makes Popeye proud of her).
    • In the Christmas special, Arthur's Perfect Christmas, she threw a tantrum over getting a toy called Quackers instead of the toy she wanted, Tina the Talking Tabby, showing that she just wants everything, whether she like it or not.
    • In "Arthur's Big Hit", she broke Arthur's airplane model and tried to blame Arthur for it to the point where he punched her.
    • In "D.W. All Wet", she kept on whining about her fear of octopi.
  8. Speaking of which, she has the tendency to throw tantrums when things don't get her way.
  9. No matter how poorly she behaves, she often gets rewarded for her misbehavior in the end and gets away scot-free.

Good Qualities

  1. When she isn't throwing tantrums, she is admittedly cute.
  2. She has quite a big imagination.
  3. Her fondness for unicorns is kind of adorable.
  4. Deep down, she loves her brother.
    • D.W.'s Name Game is an example of this, because as his sister, she wouldn't let him melt as shown in her dream.
  5. At times, she is shown to be quite intelligent for her age.
  6. She did help Tommy Tibble become a nice boy, but only temporarily.
  7. She occasionally gets punished for her actions.
  8. Thankfully, she's gotten some character development and has redeemed herself during Seasons 16-25.
    • She was also getting slightly better after Season 5.
    • She does have a handful of times where she is well-written.
  9. Despite being incredibly grating (as mentioned above in BQ#5), her voice actors (Kelly Greenley, Elizabeth Telefus, Michael Caloz, Oliver Grainger, Jason Szwinne, and Robert Naylor did do actually good jobs at voicing her.


  • She's often considered one of the worst characters in the show. Despite this, she was the star of many memes like "Tired D.W." (a photoshop of a frame in Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider), "Sign Can't Stop Me Because I Can't Read" (D.W.'s Name Game)


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