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    Le Paradox
    I came after the Coopers to prove that Le Paradox is the greatest thief who has ever lived! Is there any doubt?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Egotistical Con Artist
    The Collector
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Skunk
    Portrayed by: Nolan North
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sly Cooper

    Cyrille Le Paradox is the main antagonist of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He is an French striped skunk who despises the Cooper family for no clear reason and tries to exact vengeance upon them by traveling back to different periods in time in order to gather the canes of various Cooper ancestors. He is voiced by Nolan North.

    Why He Stinks as a Villain (Literally)

    1. Le Paradox is one of the most widely disliked characters in the entire series, and it goes beyond merely being a Hate Sink. In part, due to having a weak backstory and petty reason for messing with Sly's family despite being built up as a scary and mysterious villain, having an insufferable Jerkass demeanor towards everyone around him.
    2. He is much of a downgrade compared to Clockwerk, Neyla and Dr. M, as he just seems very childish and toned down with no likable qualities towards him.
      • Every single one of these antagonists also challenges Sly in some way - it's not just about personal relevance, but they also raise some kind of important question or serve as some kind of foil to Sly. Le Paradox offers nothing of the sort.
      • He was also a lame way to act as the final antagonist of the Sly Cooper series, as Dr M. actually fits that category than he was.
    3. His motives are very confused and weak.
      • Initially its played off as his whole plan was to erase the Cooper Family Line from existence because he blames Conner for his own father's arrest, which leading him to grow up without a father and fail his own career as a criminal. The problem with this is it is revealed at the end of the game and that the narrative goes out of its way to say Cyrille's father deserved to get arrested, ruining the potential tragedy which could've continued the theme in Sly Cooper 3 that Connor Cooper wasn't a perfect person.
      • Later, it turns out Cyrille doesn't even care that his father got arrested because of Conner. He only cared about proving himself to be the greatest thief of all time and better than the Coopers, which is an incredibly stupid motivation as pointed out by Sly.
    4. His stereotypically french traits are seen as annoying and immature as opposed to entertaining like with previous villains, as many of them have other entertaining traits to despite a few of them also being based off of stereotypes.
    5. His character design is awful, as he looks like a meaner version of Pepe Le Pew, from the Looney Tunes franchise.
    6. He's incredibly selfish, abandoning his own partners and stranding them in time once he'd used them as much as possible, even to Penelope. Whilst meant to be evil, it just comes off as unnecessary and stupid for Cyrille to do.
    7. He leaves Ms. Decibel to die, gets all creepy-feely towards a kidnapped Carmelita, and smugly gloats about it all the while, which is rather out of place for the game's demographic.
      • He also goes out of his way to mock her, pointing out that her music stinks, she's overweight, and that he already has Carmelita as his captive. When Decibel calls him a filthy, backstabbing, two-timing scoundrel, he is unfazed by it, stating that "flattery will get you nowhere".
    8. Despite being the main antagonist, he doesn't appear in person until near the end of the story and his presence is barely acknowledge throughout most of it.
    9. He's a cunning mastermind who managed to establish an impressive criminal network while posing as an art collector, and his master plan to establish himself as French royalty is pretty clever. However, his plan isn't explained till the end of the game and he makes dozens of stupid mistakes, many of which aren't acknowledged by the narrative.
    10. The final boss fight against him is pathetically anticlimactic, as it is just a few easy QTE events with no real challenge.
    11. After his defeat, he acts like a complete coward, as he pleads with Sly to save his life, but then steals his paraglider so he can escape, until he gets hit by a passenger plane and subsequent falls from several hundred feet in the air. So what was the point of saving him if he was gonna fall off either way. It also makes it feel like Cyrille wasn't worthy of being the final boss.
    12. He is also the reason why the game's ending was terrible, as Sly getting lost in Egypt is what caps off the fandom's dislike for him.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. The idea of having a villain like him who can time travel seemed like a neat idea, but it was poorly executed.
    2. The basic idea of an evil counterpart to Sly Cooper himself, whom also lost his father at an early age, but unlike Sly, became a criminal without a heart, could've led to an interesting antagonist.
    3. He gets his comeuppance by getting arrested for his crimes.
    4. Le Paradox was likely meant to be hated as such.
    5. Nolan North did a great job voicing him.


    • His voice actor, Nolan North, also voiced El Jefe in the same game, and even played Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series.
    • Le Paradox comes from the term "time paradox", which is contradictory as it is often cited as the reason for the impossibility of time travel.
    • Like other members of his gang, Le Paradox was an homage to villains from previous installments. In this case, Clockwerk, as they both hated and became obsessed with the Cooper Clan, were the main antagonists of their respective games, enjoyed mocking Sly Cooper's piety and used Carmelita as a decoy. They were also there at various times but for different reasons.


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