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    Cuts Man (Captain N: The Game Master)

    Cuts Man (Captain N: The Game Master)
    "Here's something to cut you up from me, kung fu Cut Man!" -Cut Man's reaction when the writers had him flanderized in Captain N: The Game Master.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Dark Side of Cut Man
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Robot Master
    Portrayed by: Doug Parker
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Captain N (Mega Man)

    Cut Man (カットマン Kattoman) is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light to be a timber-felling robot. Cut Man debuted in the first Mega Man game, where he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to help him conquer the world. He is voiced by Doug Parker (not to be confused with the YouTuber, comedian, and actor of the same name, who potrays the mh:greatcharacters:Nostalgia Critic in the series of the same name).

    His special weapon is the Rolling Cutter, an extremely sharp circular pair of scissor-like blades that can be thrown like boomerangs to attack from a distance. They are made of highly resistant "ceramic titanium", allowing them to slice through most materials effectively. Cut Man was designed with a lightweight chassis that grants him fast and agile movement, even in strong rain and wind, as well as the ability to jump against horizontal surfaces to reach great heights.

    He has also appeared in several cartoons, including Captain N: The Game Master and the 1994-1996 Mega Man cartoon, the latter of which he serves as one of the four main antagonists. His name is also Cuts Man in Captain N: The Game Master.

    While the versions of Cut Man from the original 1987 Mega Man game]] and the 1994 cartoon are good characters, sadly, he was flanderized in Captain N: The Game Master, becoming a generic stereotypical evil robot with nothing more than a pair of scissors he shoots with only from his head, but he redeemed himself in Mega Man 7 and Mega Man: Fully Charged.

    Why He Was Not So Deadly And Not Our Kung Fu Cut Man

    1. The biggest problem with this incarnation of Cut Man is that in this version, they changed the spelling of his name to Cuts Man for seemingly no discernible reason other than the fact that the writers clearly wanted it to happen.
      1. His name is so unoriginal that it rips off the name of another Mega Man character, Guts Man.
      2. Also, his name is idiotically pronounced as Cutsmin.
      3. Another thing, his name is never faithful to the original name in the original source material.
    2. Like all the other designs for Robot Masters in Captain N: The Game Master, his design was changed from the original incarnation in an extremely unfaithful way.
      1. Not to mention that it looks ugly as well, to the point where it gives Amanda Killman from Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon's Bunsen is a Beast's design a run for its money, but it is not as bad as Thomas' design from the Thomas & Friends design from Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go.
    3. He's a Gary Stu who is able to overpower mh:greatcharacters:Mega Man and the rest of Captain N's crew.
    4. Despite being a villainous Gary Stu, he also has shown to be a total coward as well.
    5. His voice is incredibly grating, and Doug Parker did a bad job voicing him for the most part.
    6. He is shown to be invulnerable to shots from weapon fire yet he just gets defeated by getting shot at in the posterior which makes no sense.
    7. He is shown to be incompetent in a bad way as he literally failed to actually stop Duke by not even laying a single finger on him which shows how pathetic he is. While the 1994-1996 cartoon version Cut Man may be incompetent himself, at least it's for a good sense of humor as well as having his charm in fact, he is much more likable and a faithful incarnation of the real Cut Man unlike this Captain N incarnation who has no good sense of humor or charm.
    8. His laugh is not only grating but creepy depending on the viewer.
    9. His permanent evil smile also makes him look creepy.
    10. He looks more like a poorly made augmented man in an uncanny costume rather than being an actual robot.
    11. Instead of being a kung fu material fighter, he was flanderized just a generic stereotypical evil robot with nothing more than a pair of scissors he shoots with only from his head. Literally that's all he does.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He at least has some orange in his design, despite being mostly unfaithful to his game counterpart.
    2. Like some characters here, he at the same time, is a much better character in the games and becomes somewhat tolerable and redeems himself at the end of the series.
    3. Despite being incredibly grating as WHS#5, Doug Parker did do a passable job voicing Cuts Man, and his voice is passable when his voice is not grating.


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