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    Crash and Eddie (Ice Age; Continental Drift, Collision Course and Adventures of Buck Wild)

    Crash and Eddie
    Crash and Eddie: Crash and Eddie reporting for duty!
    Eddie: Haha! "Doody" - Crash and Eddie when the writers flanderized them.
    Gender: Male (Both of them)
    Type: The Annoying Side of Crash and Eddie
    Age: Adults
    Species: Possums
    Portrayed by: Seann William Scott and Josh Peck (Ice Age: The Meltdown-Collision Course)
    Vincent Tong and Aaron Harris (The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ice Age
    First appearance: Ice Age: The Meltdown
    Ice Age: Continental Drift (flanderized)
    Last appearance: The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

    Crash and Eddie are supporting characters in the Ice Age franchise. They are Ellie's adoptive brothers. They made their debut along with the latter character in Ice Age: The Meltdown and have had that role ever since, it wasn't until The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild where they had the role of two of the three main protagonists (alongside Buck).

    Crash and Eddie are voiced by Seann William Scott and Josh Peck respectively in the films and Vincent Tong and Aaron Harris respectively in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.

    Sadly, they were flanderized beginning with Ice Age: Continental Drift.

    Why They're Very... Very... Stupid Now

    1. Starting with Continental Drift, they went from being crafty pranksters who care about their friends to being obnoxious idiots who don't think about the safety of others or their own, As proof, in Collision Course they are having fun with the destruction caused by the asteroid.
    2. Speaking of which, Collision Course was their worst moment since all those qualities were exaggerated, being more stupid, insufferable, unbearable, and even disgusting, and by the way, they provided almost all the bad jokes in the movie.
    3. Their jokes are mostly unfunny, out-of-place, anachronological, outdated, and even cringeworthy in passing, like the infamous hashtag jokes in the fifth film and when they even dabbed in the dream sequence in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, you can tell that they are desperate to be funny but they fail miserably due to everything said above.
    4. Sean William Scott and Josh Peck's performances on them were decent in previous appearances, but in Collision Course they put in a much goofier register to their voices and even uses their southern accents and higher pitches, which makes them even more irritating.
    5. In a scene from Collision Course, Eddie almost licks animal feces assuming it might be a clue until Buck thankfully stops him from doing so, which is not only disgusting, but it also gives off coprophagia implications in this movie.
    6. In The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild they overshadowed Buck who was supposed to be the protagonist because they have more screen time than him. Sound familiar to you?
      • Incidentally, it can be considered false advertising since all the media, whether the poster or the trailers, indicated that Buck was the protagonist but in the film, Buck was a plot device instead.
    7. They have also become more annoying towards other characters, such as being spoiled to Ellie just because they wanted more freedom and when they annoy Zee for her name.
    8. They even attempted to steal Buck's bone boat and bought some poisonous fruit that they were about to see during the boat scene.
    9. They have become so stupid that they ignore their own species when they say they are not mammals until Buck tells them they are.
    10. In The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, Crash and Eddie find it strange that Orson is a talking dinosaur when in the fifth film they already knew the Dino-Birds who could also do it.
    11. They disobeyed Ellie and (accidentally) destroyed Manny, Sid, and Diego's habitat in the same movie.
    12. While their designs are still good, some of their facial expressions in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild can be bizarre and uncanny due to the animation provided by Bardel Entertainment making them look bad in some scenes.
    13. Their flanderization was so severe that their flanderized versions became some of the most hated characters in the franchise due to their stupidity and the unfunny jokes they made.

    Not Very Very... Stupid Qualities

    1. They were funnier and better comic reliefs in the second and third movies, as well as the Christmas and Easter specials.
      • While they're still stupid, they're at least slightly more tolerable in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild than in the fourth and fifth films; in fact, they receive some of character development after Buck is captured by Orson, even if they are still immature and idiotic from start to finish.
    2. Seann William Scott and Josh Peck still did decent jobs voicing them, and in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, Vincent Tong and Aaron Harris managed to replicate the original voices so that the change is not so drastic.
    3. Although there are few compared to the second and third films, they still have funny moments, like the "We're very... very... stupid" scene in Continental Drift although it was more because of Louis' reaction.


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