Cróquete Spaniel (season 3-present)

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Cróquete Spaniel (As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa, Season 3-present)
Oh Cróquete, whatever happened to you?!
Gender: Female
Type: The Dark Side of Cróquete
Species: Dog
Portrayed by: Mariana Caltabiano
Status: Alive
Media of origin: As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa

Cróquete Spaniel is one of the characters of the Brazilian film and cartoon series As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa of 2008.

She is a female English Cocker Spaniel and the main female character on the show who originally created in 2000 as a love interest for Gui, at the time when Gui was known as Iguinho and was originally created as a mascot for the children's website Iguinho (a website belonging to iG, a Brazilian Internet service provider). Like Gui/Iguinho and Estopa, she was originally a normal dog, but over the years her design evolved to have more anthropomorphic characteristics. Originally, she didn't have many appearances and personality and at first, she was just a love interest for the main character, but with the launch of the TV series in 2008, she was reduced to just being one of Gui's friends. She had an acceptable behavior in the first two seasons, but it started to get worse from the third season onwards, staying at the same level as the other characters.

Why She Sucks Now

  1. Cróquete notably had a flanderization from the third season of the show, as she has gone from being a cute and friendly girl to an aggressive, rude, mean-spirited and selfish girl who disrespects her friends.
  2. Her design becomes less lovely from this season onward, as it has become uglier and exaggerated with huge eyes and a very thin body; in addition to that, her fluffly ears (which originally resembled hair) become thinner and with less fur ceasing to look like hair, which strips her appearance of her original cute look. Just compare her classic design of the website:, and the current design.
  3. Her name, like usual, is laughable, as it's basically a pun on her dog breed, cocker spaniel.
  4. Like the other characters in the show, her voice is terrible and unbearable, curiously being voiced by the show's creator Mariana Caltabiano, who also voiced Gui.
  5. She began to show hatred and dislike towards her cousin Róquete, to the point that in the episode "A Cabeça da Cróquete", it is revealed that Róquete is among the things that Cróquete hates the most in her mind.
    • This also contradicts the debut episode of Róquete in the first season where Cróquete demonstrates liking her cousin.
  6. As shown in the episode "O Blog da Róquete", she practices wasting food by attempting to punish Róquete by throwing milkshakes at her head (which is also a very stupid punishment).
  7. Cróquete also becomes obsessed with Justin Bibelô, a parody of Justin Bieber, and gets to be immature to the point of attacking anyone who disagrees with her opinion of liking him.
  8. She is at her absolute worst in the episode "Gatada Rosa", where she plays a role as the antagonist by attacking people for stupid reasons (something that Monica from Turma da Monica would never do). What's worse is that she is not even punished for the actions she did in the episode, making her a Karma Houdini.
    • In that episode, she attacks Pitibalinha, who is just a little kid, revealing that she is also a child abuser!
  9. As shown in the episode "Queridinha", she can be an envious girl who only cares about getting attention from the boys at school and rivals her competitors.
  10. She is also a big jerk towards her friends Gui, Piti and Estopa in the episodes "Amor e Músculos" and "Tchú Tchá", being responsible for encouraging them to do something that she claims to like so that in the end she reveals that she doesn't like it and prefers the opposite of what her friends did for her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design in the first two seasons is cute and decent, as it is identical to her classic design.
  2. She was more enjoyable and lovely in the episodes prior to season 3, remembering a bit Roxanne from A Goofy Movie.
  3. Starting in season 4, she returned to having a crush on Gui like in the classic episodes.


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