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    Courtney (mid Total Drama World Tour-Total Drama All Stars)

    "I do not concede! I do not concede! I was your only hope! I was a Counselor in Training!!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Greedy Bossy Type-A Brat
    Age: 16 (Total Drama Island)
    17 (World Tour-Revenge of the Island)
    18 (All Stars)
    19 (The Ridonculous Race)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rachel Wilson (first two episodes)
    Emilie-Claire Barlow (every other episode)
    Status: Alive (During Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 to Sundae Muddy Sundae)

    Unknown (But possibly deceased due to her in a balloon floating up into space in the final wreckening)

    Media of origin: Total Drama
    First appearance: "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1"
    Last appearance: "Sundae Muddy Sundae" (physically)
    "The Final Wreckening" (in a balloon)

    Courtney is one of the campers from the Total Drama series. Her label is "The Type A", and she believes that she's a leader.

    While she was likable in Island through Action, she was horrendously flanderized during the middle of World Tour and All Stars to the point of being very unlikable.

    Why She's Not Our C.I.T Anymore (Bad Qualities)

    1. She is extremely bossy especially when it comes to challenges.
    2. She is very rude to her fellow contestants, mostly in the first two seasons.
    3. She hit Ezekiel with a pole when he was just consoling and defending her in front of everyone.
    4. She became extremely abusive and possessive of Duncan during TDA, even going far as making a long list of changes to fit her own image of him rather than accepting who he is.
    5. In the TDI special, she was willing to drop Owen, Cody, Tyler and DJ to their deaths in exchange for a case of money. This further proves how she is worse than Heather as even the latter wouldn't go that far. Ironically, Courtney hates Heather for being manipulative, which makes her a hypocrite.
    6. She threw a fit because Gwen kissed Duncan in the Total Drama World Tour episodes "Greece's Pieces" and "The EX-Files". Her betrayal is understandable, but she went far to purposefully throw challenges for her team just to get rid of Gwen. This is extremely hypocritical of her especially since she's all about winning.
      • In fact, she should've just waited for the merge instead of losing on purpose.
      • Adding to her hypocrisy, she flirted with another girl's boyfriend (Tyler) just to get a rise out of Duncan so wouldn’t that make her the new Heather?! Alejandro suggested it but it was her choice to act on it.
    7. She can be a very whiny, antagonistic, and borderline psychotic when she doesn't get what she wants.
    8. She is a mean popular girl, just like Heather but worse.
    9. She acts like she's better and smarter than everyone else; yet she got easily manipulated by Alejandro in World Tour.
    10. She would relinquish her friendships just for the million, proving herself to be a selfish brat.
    11. She takes her leadership skills way too seriously.
    12. She overreacts whenever things go wrong, showing that she cannot handle criticism.
    13. While Emilie-Claire Barlow still did a great job voicing her, her voice can sound very annoying, especially when she screams and/or cries!
      • On that note, her crying and screaming will most likely get on your last nerves very fast, with the worst offender being in "The EX-Files", where she was throwing a massive tantrum about Duncan cheating on her with Gwen, and she even cried hysterically after her confessional.
    14. Even with these instances, she got placed on the Heroic Hamsters in All-Stars in spite of the things she has done to others. She was the villain in the second half of Action.
    15. Even more hypocrisy: In "Phobia Factor", she yelled at her teammates for not conquering their fears, and yet when it was her turn, she was too scared to the point of not attempting to face it (green jelly), especially in "Food Fright" when she was eating the pancake and got green jelly splattered all over her and started running in a panic.
    16. She uses lawsuits and/or the threat of lawyers to cheat her way through the competition, especially in Action when her lawsuit not only allowed her to be on the show with special immunity but also caused Owen’s unfair elimination. She is even allowed to bring a PDA with her to use on the show when the rules explicitly state that no handheld technology is allowed, which gives her an unfair advantage over the other contestants. She does not receive any punishment for her cheating in the show.
    17. She hollered "EAT SAND LOSERS!" at everyone hoping to win which was one of the most mean-spirited insults to say in a challenge.
    18. In these seasons of Total Drama, she acts like a bossy version of Lois Griffin since the 8th season of Family Guy and also a mean-spirited version of Dot Warner from Animaniacs. Unlike Dot, who is tame in comparison, and like Lois Griffin, Courtney here is no 100% better.

    Good Qualities

    1. Admittedly in Total Drama All-Stars, although she is very mean with Gwen until they reconciled, she had a significant improvement of her character as she learned to get past grudges, put her relationships before winning, and became a much more understanding character, showing how she matured since the events of Total Drama World Tour. That is until the episode "Sundae Muddy Sundae" came and destroyed her development. To add insult to injury, she was originally going to be the winner of the season since she, along with Lindsay, is the only major character who hasn't been in the final two.
    2. She started being friends with Gwen again in the Total Drama All-Stars episode "Suckers Punched".
    3. Sometimes she has a reason to be angry in a way that is relatable.
    4. She can be sympathetic at times. For instance, she was the only one to notice Izzy and Owen were injured in the Total Drama World Tour episode "Jamaica Me Sweat".
    5. She scolded her team for making fun of Tyler for his fear of chickens in the "Phobia Factor".
    6. She's very intelligent and a good violin player, as the latter is seen in "Not Quite Famous".
    7. Her relationship with Scott in All Stars can be funny to some.
    8. Whether people love or hate her, she is admittedly pretty, and her design is appealing to look at.
    9. She and Duncan were a great couple in the first season despite their opposite personalities.
    10. Her singing voice is nice to listen to.
    11. Her anger towards Gwen and Duncan is understandable, given that the latter was her boyfriend at the time.
    12. She was relatable and somewhat likable in Island.
    13. Emilie-Claire Barlow still did an excellent job voicing her, despite it sounding obnoxious at times.
    14. Her DramaRama counterpart is much kinder and less evil and villainous; her bossy nature remains, but notably toned down. However, Total DramaRama is set in an alternate universe and doesn't share continuity with the main Total Drama series.
    15. She has a very nice friendship with Bridgette, despite her being Courtney's only friend.
    16. She was a much better character in the first 2 seasons and the first half of season 3.


    • Courtney, along with Scott, were the only two contestants who were close to making it to the final 5, but never made it to the finale.
    • She was responsible for the eliminations of Leshawna, Justin, Owen (twice), Sadie, Gwen, and Lindsay.
    • Courtney is lactose intolerant as revealed in the Total Drama Action episode "Dial M for Merger", although this is a continuity error in "Sundae Muddy Sundae" where the contestants are to make and eat their own sundaes as a challenge.
    • Her race is confirmed to be South Asian.
    • Courtney along with Izzy, Noah, and Heather are the only contestants who didn't appear in Camp TV, Total Drama's prototype.
    • She originally didn't qualify to compete in Total Drama Action but debuted as a contestant in the episode "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine" due to her unfair elimination in "Basic Straining", which was done by Harold since he was constantly bullied by Duncan.
    • Courtney was originally voiced by Rachel Wilson (who also voiced Heather), in the first two episodes of Total Drama Island, before Emilie-Claire Barlow replaced her.


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