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    Cosmo and Wanda (seasons 9 and 10)

    Cosmo Julius Cosma and Wanda Venus Fairywinkle
    They are not the same green and pink fairy god couple you knew and loved.
    Gender: Male (Cosmo)
    Female (Wanda)
    Type: Idiotic Incompetent Wish-Granters
    Age: At least over 10,000
    Species: Fairy Godparents
    Portrayed by: Daran Norris (Cosmo)
    Susanne Blakeslee (Wanda)
    Jason Alexander (Cosmo, live-action film, Human form)
    Cheryl Hines (Wanda, live-action film, Human form)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Fairly OddParents
    First appearance: Oh Yeah! Cartoons

    Cosmo Cosma and Wanda Fairywinkle are the two deuteragonists in The Fairly OddParents. They are Timmy Turner and later Chloe's fairy godparents and have a son named Poof.

    While they are usually likable, supporting, caring, nice, and loving godparents, sadly, they were flanderized from season 9 until the show's cancellation, but they marginally redeemed themselves in The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder.

    Fairly Bad Qualities

    1. In the first eight seasons, Cosmo was simply a ditz and a bit of a nutcase, usually dim but still relatively normal (mainly in the first season), and perhaps strangest of all, he and Wanda seemed to be on an equal level of air-headed and careless intelligence. Wanda was portrayed as being dimmer than Cosmo, believe it or not, then at some point, they shared an equal amount of intelligence. But in these seasons, their flanderization and exaggeration guarantee Cosmo's a dimwitted nutcase that can barely function, and Wanda is just the stereotypical straight man who spends most of her time nagging or chastising Cosmo for his stupidity, unlike in the older seasons, where she mainly just rolled with it and only got heated over major circumstances or when Cosmo deserved it, like when he bet her for a nickel, which was only made worse by Cosmo futilely "trying" to justify it by stating it was a shiny nickel.
    2. Speaking of which, Wanda seems to spend most of her time nagging.
    3. They both seem to lose their wands a lot in these seasons, particularly in season 10, and depend on Timmy and Chloe to solve the problems on their own.
    4. While Wanda's voice is still great, Cosmo's voice is now high-pitched and it just sounds terrible and grating, an issue that has persisted since Season 5 of the show and as of The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder.
    5. If FBQ#3 wasn't bad enough, Cosmo kept both his and Wanda's wands in his pocket the whole time in the episode "Which is Wish".
    6. Much like with the Eds after their show went downhill in its last two seasons in Ed, Edd n Eddy or the roaches during season 5 in Oggy and the Cockroaches, their relationship has been badly butchered. In the older seasons, with some exceptions, the two seemed to genuinely love each other as a couple, but in these seasons (especially in season 9), their positive relationship has broken down, with them now acting like utter jerks towards each other who spend most of their time bickering and occasionally physically abusing each other, and it's never funny, charming or cute. Season 5 onwards may have suffered from this, but not to the extent where it's done constantly.
    7. They usually don't disguise themselves when they go out, breaking Da Rules. However, they are still shown as objects several times, making it jarring.
    8. A lot of times, they don't even mention Poof.
    9. Cosmo's stupidity is stale and repetitive for the most part, as he acts like an idiot.
    10. Cosmo and Wanda are filler at times.


    1. Plot hole: In "A Sash and a Rash", he says he is allergic to peaches, but in "The Past and the Furious", he didn't have an allergy to peaches. Though it can be excused, as it is possible that he got an allergy to peaches off-sceen after events of "The Past and the Furious".

    Fairly Good Qualities

    1. They are still there for Timmy and later Chloe when they and she need them.
    2. They were much better in the first six seasons and redeemed themselves after the show ended, though it varies whether they were in character or not in seasons 7 and 8.
      • There are still a handful of episodes where Cosmo and Wanda are well-written and have their original personality.
    3. As stated above, Wanda still has a great voice thanks to Susanne Blakeslee.
      • Cosmo's voice was better in the original pilot shorts and the first two seasons, as well as the third and fourth season, but to a lesser extent.
    4. While Cosmo is unfunny most of the time, he has a handful of funny moments here and there, and Wanda can still be funny.
    5. Their designs are still pretty great and iconic.
    6. Despite arguing, they still care and love each other, Timmy, and their son Poof.
    7. At least Wanda can and will most likely not be considered as flanderized as Cosmo, and she wasn't as flanderized as him nor was she dumbed down, like him.



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