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    "This is an elevator."
    — Cort in the elevator leading up to the iCarly studio at the end of the episode.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Braindead Idiotic Excuse for an Intern
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Daniel Booko
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: iCarly (2007)
    First appearance: iHire an Idiot
    Last appearance: iHire an Idiot

    Brad: "So um, how are things workin' out with Cort on iCarly?"
    Carly: "Oh, we uh...had to fire Cort."
    Sam: "Yeah."
    Brad: "Why? What happened?"
    Carly: "Oh, he just turned out to be..."
    Sam: "Not the best."
    Freddie: "He was dangerously stupid."
    *Carly and Sam instantly agree in unison*
    — Carly and Sam referring to how much of a bad idea it was to hire Cort as an intern in the episode "iOMG"

    Cort is a one-time character from iCarly. He is a guy Sam and Carly hired as an intern (without Freddie's approval) in the episode "iHire An Idiot". He was hired because he is attractive.

    He is portrayed by Daniel Booko.


    Cort is referred to as an idiot; he was kicked out of college for being "dangerously stupid." During his time as an intern, he ruined many things including Freddie's laptop, PearPad, and a future iCarly sketch by eating the raw meat props.

    Another scene features Cort playing with a slinky, only for him to get tangled up, even with the help of the other intern Freddie hired, Ashley. He was eventually fired because of his stupidity and incompetence.

    At the end of the episode, when he leaves the iCarly studio in the elevator, he comes back up, looking astonished and saying "This is an elevator!"

    Cort is again mentioned in iOMG when Brad asks "How are things working out with Cort on iCarly? Carly and Sam mumble sheepishly over the mention of Cort and Freddie then blurts out they fired him because he was "dangerously stupid." Carly and Sam agree with this, looking embarrassed that they had acted so unprofessional by hiring him because of his looks.

    iWhy He Intentionally Doesn't Deserve to be iCarly's Intern

    1. Like Patrick (outside of his flanderization), Heffer, Stimpy and Ed, he is very idiotic, but not in a good way because sure the four may be idiots but they are shown to have a shred of intelligence but Cort on the other hand has none of that.
      • In fact, some may call him a rip-off of the latter four due to that, but without the charm and likability that they have.
    2. His idiocy can go from unfunny to downright insufferable.
    3. He once dropped out of college for being dangerously stupid, which does not make him qualified to be an intern.
    4. The only reason Carly and Sam hired him was because of his looks.
    5. He causes a lot of trouble for the iCarly gang due to his stupidity:
      • While trying to drink his lemonade in a big bag, it accidentally spilled all over Freddie's laptop while they were doing the show.
      • He wrote on Freddie's eight hundred buck pair pad with a permanent marker.
      • He ate half of the raw steak meat that was supposed to be used as a prop for an iCarly bit.
        • It's even worse when you think about it because in real life if you consume raw meat, you could get sick and die!
    6. He never faces the consequences for his actions nor gets even called out for them, which makes him an Idiot Houdini.
    7. Due to all the above, his stupidity was one of the reasons why "iHire an Idiot" wasn't so well-received by fans.

    iUnintentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. At least Carly and Sam fired the guy after realizing what a bad intern he is.
    2. Daniel Booko did a decent job portraying him.


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