Cool Cat (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)

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Cool Cat (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)
Cool Cat.jpg
"I'm Cool Cat and I love all the kids!"
Okay then, if you're "Cool" Cat, then why do you always act so lame?
Gender: Male
Type: Unlikeable, Immensely Moronic Cat
Age: Unknown (is implied to be around 8 or so)
Portrayed by: Jason Johnson
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Cool Cat Saves the Kids

Cool Cat is the titular protagonist of a book series and some short films both created by Derek Savage. He is known to star in the infamous 2015 children's movie "Cool Cat Saves the Kids" portrayed by Jason Johnson.

Why He Is Anything But Cool

  1. Despite teaching kids how to deal with bullies, he lacks proper characterization.
    • On that topic, while he is supposed to be an educational children's mascot that gives out good messages, however, he often sends out bad messages rather than the intended ones. As a result, a lot of them come off as mean-spirited.
  2. His lines are both stupid and laughable.
  3. While his design in particular isn't too bad, his costume looks disturbing when viewed from some angles.
  4. His smile is very unsettling.
  5. His mouth hardly ever moves when he talks due to how bad the suit is.
  6. The scene with him having eyebrows when angry makes him look like a joke, and something some people can find just as unsettling as his smile.
    • Speaking of which, his character design and adult voice makes him seem unconvincing as a kid and look more like an adult cat. Where he is apparently in elementary school as evidenced by the fact that part of the movie's plot has him running for class president, but he also drives a car, so it's hard to buy into his apparent age. Especially when his catchphrase "I love all kids" would easily imply that he isn't a kid.
  7. Due to his costume, he barely shows any emotion and always has the same dumb look on his face.
  8. His voice is so loud and ear grating that it gives Bonkers a run for his money, even when he's talking politely to someone.
  9. Hypocrisy: Despite teaching his friends to look both sides while crossing the street, Cool Cat himself didn't even follow his own advice and ran across the street without looking sideways to take back all the stolen books and candies from Butch.
  10. He's extremely immature as he cried very childishly when Butch the Bully destroyed his sandcastle.
    • And because of his sheer immaturity along with his acts of unadulterated cluelessness, he always behaves like such a nitwit, it makes him out to be this complete imbecile all the way through.
  11. He, along with Daddy Derek, made a horrible song called "Cool Cat likes to Boogie Woogie".
  12. When his friend Maria got cyberbullied by Butch, he convinced her to open the second text she got from the same person, which is the wrong message to kids.
  13. He's pretty much a bad rip-off of Barney the Dinosaur. In fact, Ben Daka, the production manager of the movie, claims that "Cool Cat is Cooler than Barney the Dinosaur!", which is clearly false since Barney has a more proper characterization and he teaches better life lessons to kids. Cool Cat, on the other hand, does not have a proper characterization, does not properly teach kids how to deal with bullies, and is also a hypocrite. Also, Cool Cat is far from being cooler than Barney because of these reasons.
  14. He keeps on yelling "I'm Cool Cat and I love all the kids" to the point that it's impossible to shut him up.
  15. Because of all these qualities, he will definitely be counted as a huge Gary Stu and a really bad one. He is very egotistical, as he plasters images of himself all over his house. Everyone loves and worships him except Butch. He always wins everything. He always gets the best things and always gets to be the hero. Yep, definitely a Gary Stu.
  16. During some parts, he does something which looks inappropriate, IN A KIDS MOVIE!
  17. In fact, he is supposed to be caring and endearing for children, but he comes out as a creepy pedophile.
  18. Just like Bluster Kong, his design pretty much looks like a DeviantArt OC.
  19. He writes an awful story about Trolly the Trout and he keeps writing that Trolly keeps making friends, and to add salt to that wound, he won $100 for writing that stupid story.
  20. For some reason, everyone in the film except Butch treats him like he’s a celebrity when he shouldn’t be.
  21. He also keeps pointing out the obvious like naming different cars from different films before the parade sequence.
  22. He has no eyelids when he sleeps which is just creepy.
  23. He is supposed to be a kid despite the fact that he drove a car during one scene in the movie which is something that kids aren’t supposed to do.
  24. His voice became much worse in Cool Cat's Crazy Dream due to him being voiced by Derek Savage himself.
  25. He exercises really awkwardly.
  26. He seems like he's way too proud of himself.
  27. Despite being named Cool Cat, he barely does stuff that is cool and always does something lame.
  28. He is so annoying that he even puts Bubsy to shame.
  29. While Cool Cat is supposed to be the hero, there are times throughout the film that makes him seem like he's the bully.
  30. Where the film itself says that Cool Cat "Saves the Kids", he barely even does that, as he either thinks he is sharing good messages or acts like some wimp who doesn't take the right time to actually help teach kids good morals, enforcing the lack of proper characterization and poor writing as well.
  31. His name is incredibly generic and unoriginal, and is also a rip-off of both the character of the same name from Pee-wee's Playhouse and an obscure Looney Tunes character from the late-1960s of the same name, who the latter is also an orange feline, much to the point that it's surprising that Warner Bros. hasn't sued him and his creator Derek Savage yet for copyright infringement.
    • However, a post made on the character's Twitter account reveals that his creator Derek used to collect Looney Tunes cups during his childhood, including a Cool Cat cup, showing that Derek himself is completely aware of the other Cool Cat, which makes the whole thing even worse.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Because of his extremely poor portrayal in the films, some people may find him to be ironically entertaining.
  2. As said before, his design isn't that bad in particular.


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