Conrad and Sally Walden (The Cat in the Hat live-action)

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They, happened to be, your demonic children!

Conrad and Sally Walden are characters of The Cat in the Hat 2003 live-action film. They are the children of Joan Walden. Conrad is the destructive, irresponsible son while Sally is the suck-up, and bossy daughter. Conrad is portrayed by Spencer Breslin while Sally is portrayed by Dakota Fanning.

Why They Sucked


  1. Like the Cat, they were flanderized from the original book and TV special into being inconsiderate jerks.
  2. They can be unlikable at times.
  3. They are nothing like their original counterparts, since in the book and TV special they were just normal good kids; but here they're depicted with completely contrasting and opposing personalities.
  4. Their actors did a terrible job not only in portraying them but acting as them, causing Conrad and Sally to become monotone and emotionless.

Conrad Walden

  1. He was flanderized from being a kind and responsible brother from the book into a destructive, rule-breaking, and irresponsible maniac who creates chaos.
  2. He tries to pin the blame on Sally when he was the one who slid down the stairs when his mother came in the house.
  3. He breaks the rules for fun and amusement.
  4. Much like Milo from "Mars Needs Moms", he is disrespectful to his mother, as he said to her "I wish I had a different mom".
  5. He even broke the Cat's rule of no opening the crate and opened it anyway and it creates "the Mother of all messes".
  6. In fact, his destructive behavior almost got Joan (his mom) fired from her job.

Sally Walden

  1. Even though she's responsible and mature, she suffered from flanderization as she is bossy, controlling, and stuck-up.
  2. She's a bad friend to her friends which makes her unlikable as well.
  3. She is a huge liar. For example, when Conrad got in trouble with his mom for sliding down the stairs, she says she "told" him not to mess up the house when she didn't even say anything and even convinced her to ground him. What a great sister.
  4. She's a suck-up and a hypocrite like Larry says, as shown when she acts like she's telling Conrad to get off the couch even though she was jumping on the couch too.
  5. When she discovered her friend Denise having a birthday party, she was shocked that she wasn't invited, completely forgetting that she told her to never speak to her again after the fight they had.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Sally is still more responsible and rational than Conrad.
  2. Conrad learns from his mistakes in the end.
  3. They tell the Cat to leave after the house gets destroyed.
  4. They were much better characters in the books and become better in the end.


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