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Connor is a character from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, Angel. He was the half-demon son of the vampires Angel and Darla and a member of Angel Investigations.

Bad Qualities

  1. During season 4, he had picked various traits from Scrappy-Doo himself during battle.
  2. He constantly makes Angel feel unhappy for no particular reason.
  3. He had blamed Angel for being pure evil in one episode, even though he had done several terrible things himself, which makes him a hypocrite.
    • And even worse, he refused to take responsibility for his actions and blamed Angel for those deeds.
  4. His poor-decision making frequently puts Angel Investigations in danger.
    1. This includes chaining Angel inside a crate and dropping him to the bottom of the ocean for three months.
    2. Betraying his friends to the demon Jasmine, right after they forgave him. Ignoring his mother's pleas.
    3. After Jasmine's death, he took an innocent family hostage in a sporting goods store, threating to kill them unless his father showed up.
    4. And let's not forget about the time he hooking up to Cordelia, while she was about to begin a romance with Angel.
  5. He constantly tries to kill his father at even the slightest provocation.
  6. He's a sourpuss and therefore, no fun to watch.

Good Qualities

  1. To be fair he was abducted as a baby by one of his father's foes, raised in a hell dimension, and returned to Earth as a teenager. So, in a way, his anger was pretty justified.
  2. He gets better in season five, where he's shown to be a normal, well-adjusted young man.