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Connie D’Amico is the popular girl at James Woods High School (now Adam West High), the bully/arch-rival of Meg Griffin and a minor antagonist in the long-running on-going adult television series, Family Guy.

Why She Sucks

  1. She’s the clichéd “pretty, rude popular girl”.
  2. She is an arrogant jerk who acts like she’s better then everyone.
  3. She is completely rude to Meg.
    • In fact, she’s one of the reasons Meg’s considered an outcast.
  4. She treats anyone who she considers "uncool" like a complete outcast, especially Meg, along with the rest of the school (including the teachers).
    • In one episode, she chose everyone except Meg for dodgeball and the gym teacher was fine with it which caused Meg to get severely injured.
  5. She treats Meg like she’s an ugly animal who doesn’t deserve good treatment.
  6. Even when Meg tries her best to be nice to her, she still intends to bully her.
  7. She’s shown to be very ungrateful as shown when Meg helped her get her popularity status back, she automatically went back to ridiculing her.
  8. In the episode, Stew-roids, it has shown that Meg has cut herself several times from Connie’s bullying.
    • She’s also shown to be hypocritical in the aforementioned episode, as she only helped Meg because Chris was acting like a popular, arrogant jerk similar to her.
  9. She acts superior whenever Meg tries to fit in with her and the other popular kids.
  10. She even refused to invite Meg to a party that was at her own home.
  11. In one epsiode, she and her friends put something in Meg’s locker which caused her face to get burned off.
  12. Much similar to Gretta Keene from IT (2017) and Chris Hargensen from Carrie, her behavior makes her feel like she’s better then everyone.
  13. She serves no other purpose in Family Guy other then to torment Meg.
  14. In the episode, “And the Wiener is....”, Connie and her friends humiliate Meg in front of a large group of people during her big moment by pelting rotten meat at her.
  15. Even when Meg helped her get her popularity status back, she ungratefully pushes her aside, still managing to continue to treat her poorly.
  16. She tried to humiliate, demonize and outright get Lois in trouble for justifiably disciplining her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In some episodes, she gets what's coming to her, like in Peter's Daughter where Peter savagely beats her against a fire extinguisher or in Dial Meg for Murder where Meg beats her and her friends brutally with a bag full of sodas, and that’s saying something or Barely Legal where Brian scolds and calls her out.
  2. She doesn’t torment Meg all the time. That can’t be said for the others who torment Meg.
  3. Her design is kinda attractive.
  4. In "Connie's Celica", she was arrested for framing Lois for supposedly killing her.



Anonymous user #1

10 months ago
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Good Quality 3: Her design is kinda attractive.

Sindecent exposure

7 months ago
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  • generic

Harrison Dye

6 months ago
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That sounds like a simp reason.


5 months ago
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Meh, there are better looking female characters in the McFarlane-verse. With more memorable designs at least.


3 months ago
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Do you think Meg Griffin's design is "kinda attractive"?

Anonymous user #1

9 months ago
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yea of course. she's the popular girl

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