Combo Panda (Ryan's World)

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Combo Panda
Combo Panda.png
"Here we go Combo Crew, it's showtime!" Yeah right...
Gender: Male
Type: Whiny Panda Gamer
Age: 10[1]
Species: Panda
Portrayed by: Bradley William Smith[2]
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Ryan's World

Combo, don't get too angry, because your room is on fire!

Combo Panda is a major character from Ryan's World. A panda clad only in a pair of red headphones, he's a gamer who plays various games such as Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Roblox and Fortnite. He is voiced by Bradley William Smith.

Why He's Intentionally Not a Hardcore Gamer

  1. To start things off, the main problem with his character as a whole is that he's seen as an overreacting, neurotic gamer who is often an unfunny, bratty, immature, mean-spirited panda. Particularly, he whines and throws a fit over everything, whether it be accidentally destroying an easy looking puzzle or losing a video game.
  2. He is treated like a Butt-Monkey by the other characters (even if he deserves it), such as:
    • Getting turned into a rabbit by Gus the Gator because he struggled to use his magic wand.
    • Throughout the entirety of one episode, he gets injured through comical ways while trying to teach two other characters how to play soccer.
    • There is also an entire episode dedicated to Combo being bullied by the other characters because of how bad his older videos were.
  3. He is shown to be incredibly dumb and naive at times, like when he used the same science experiment in the same science fair two years in a row because he thought "Pepsi and Coke were different", when the former is a brand of Coke.
    • He also thinks his backyard is a continent, which when you think about it, is laughably stupid.
    • He also challenged Gus to a pizza-making competition, and when he finished making his pizza, his stand burned down, due to his negligence resulting in his pizza catching on fire.
  4. He fails to follow pool rules throughout one episode, but does not get any real punishment for it, also making him a Karma Houdini.
  5. He sometimes even ignores other characters at times. Like in this scene where he wants to make Antarctica a country of his own, but ignores Alpha Lexa's warnings about how cold the continent is, which leads to him presumably getting killed by an avalanche.
  6. His catchphrase,"Combo-Bunga!" is very repetitive and gets old fast.
  7. Also, his voice is extremely annoying.
  8. His design, while cute for the most part, is generic, as it is just a Panda with headphones, and four tufts of blonde hair.
  9. The fact he is a Panda with red headphones makes him look like a rip-off of Alpha Jay's avatar from The Alpha Jay Show.
  10. His appearance in Ryan's Mystery Playdate was pointless. All he did was make these cringey, unfunny, unoriginal and lazy jokes.
  11. His channel claims to be "made for kids" as the videos are automatically marked by YouTube as such, yet he plays games like Fortnite and Bendy and the Ink Machine which are not intended for younger audiences at all.[3][4]
  12. He sometimes even smashes his head on his keyboard when he gets angry. That could injure his head, as well as damage the keyboard.
  13. He somewhat lacks any real personality whatsoever to the point where he is one-dimensional, and in addition, his characterization is poorly written at times.
  14. He could be seen as a ripoff of AVGN, due to him having anger issues, though he doesn't swear because his channel is for kids.
  15. He has been shown to bully others around him such as:
    • He, along with Gus, made fun of Moe (another Ryan's World character) for being scared of a playground slide.
  16. Speaking of which, he treats Peck, the only likable character from Ryan's World like a Butt-Monkey. Here are some examples.
    • He kind of bullies him on Twitter, making fun of his appearance and for being smart.
    • There is one episode, in which there is a scene where Peck faints, while Combo just stands there and laughs at him.
    • He often messes up with Peck's inventions for no reason.
    • He even tells Peck to shut up several times, which is disrespectful.
  17. While nit-picky, he flirts with Alpha Lexa in one episode. When they meet each other (after being turned into cardboard), Combo says "Looking a little stiff there Alpha!"
  18. He is an overused character in Ryan's World, while the other characters are often neglected because of that.
  19. Because of the aforementioned reasons, he is one of the most hated characters in the show and (arguably) one of the worst characters to ever exist in a kids' show. This is to the point that it makes him a Scrappy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In his gaming channel, he is a bit more tolerable.
  2. Karma sometimes returns to him whenever he does a bad thing, and to make matters better, he sometimes even apologizes for what he does, but that doesn't spare him from being a Karma Houdini, especially due to the fact he barely learns anything.
  3. As mentioned above, while generic, his design is pretty cool.
  4. Combo seemed to have learned his lessons about bullying Peck and other characters, and became more friendly towards them.
  5. He is definitely meant to be hated on for everything else mentioned above.

Videos Where He is At His Worst


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