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    Combo Panda (Ryan's World)

    Combo Panda
    What's red, white, black, and bratty? This simpleton right here!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Unsympathetic and Rude Panda Gamer
    Age: 10[1]
    Species: Panda
    Portrayed by: Bradley William Smith[2]
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ryan's World
    First appearance: 2017

    Combo after reading this article.

    Combobulous Pandobulous[3] (also known as Combo Panda or simply Combo) is a major character from Ryan's World. A panda clad only in a pair of red headphones, he's a gamer who plays various video games such as Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Roblox and Fortnite. He is voiced by Bradley William Smith.

    Why He'll Never Be a "Hardcore" Gamer

    1. To start things off, the main problem with his character as a whole is that he's seen as a stupid, contemptible and ridiculous gamer who is often an unfunny, annoying, bratty, rude, harsh and unsympathetic panda. Particularly, he whines and throws a fit over most things, whether it be accidentally destroying an easy looking jigsaw-puzzle or losing at a video-game.
      • In "First Day Back to School", he bullies his best friend Big Gil all because he farted in class much to the point where he never stops being a jerk to Gil, to the point where he gets appreciated for drawing Gil farting in art class, and even kicks him out of his friend group (The Combo Crew), only for he and Gil to be friends again after laughing at another student for farting. Seriously, how moronic is that?!
      • In "Combo's First Pet", he yells at his new pet dinosaur Shelldon twice, for not being able to use a gaming controller, and then because Shelldon didn't want to eat Combo's food, to the point of making him cry. Later in the episode, he even neglects Shelldon twice, to the point where Shelldon goes missing. The episode is an example of him being a [Karma Houdini|karma houdini]], as he's not punished for his animal abuse and neglect.
      • In one scene, he even threw his controller and broke his TV, all because he lost a level at a video-game. Later in the episode, he doesn't learn to control his anger, another example of him being a karma houdini.
      • In Learn About the Seasons, he uses Peck's time machine to skip forward the seasons of the year and mess up the Earth's orbit, only so it can be his birthday again, which is stupid since the annual calendar is just a man-made system of organizing days, and not something that controls time.
    2. He is treated like a Butt-Monkey by some of the other characters. Here are some examples:
    3. He is also shown to be an idiot at times, like when he used the same science experiment in the same science fair two years in a row because he thought "Pepsi and Coke were different", when they're different brands of cola.
      • In "Learn Seven Continents of The World For Kids" he thinks his backyard is a continent/country, which when you think about it, is laughably stupid. While this may be forgiving, he tries to nag and act like a jerk about it here.
      • He also challenged Gus to a pizza-making competition, and when he finished making his pizza, his stand burned down, due to his negligence resulting in his pizza catching on fire.
    4. He fails to follow pool rules throughout one episode, but does not get any real punishment for it, another example of him being a karma houdini.
    5. He sometimes even ignores other characters at times. Like in this scene where he wants to make Antarctica a country of his own, but ignores Alpha Lexa's warnings about how cold the continent is, which leads to him presumably getting "killed" by an avalanche.
    6. His catchphrase, "Combo-Bunga!" is very repetitive and gets old fast.
    7. Even though Bradley William Smith does a decently good job voicing him, Combo's voice can be somewhat annoying at times.
    8. His design, while alrightly cool for the most part, is generic, as it is just a panda with headphones, and four tufts of blond hair.
    9. He is very briefly seen twerking in this scene, which is child sexualization, as he is only ten years old. Not to mention, the Ryan's World franchise itself is for preschoolers and younger children in general, which reaches Elsagate territory.
    10. The fact he is a panda with red headphones makes him look like a rip-off of Alpha Jay's avatar from The Alpha Jay Show.
    11. His appearance in Ryan's Mystery Playdate was pointless; he and Gus served little-to-no purpose in the show other than to make cringeworthy, unfunny, unoriginal and lazy jokes.
    12. Hypocrisy: His channel claims to be "made for kids" as the videos are automatically marked by YouTube as such, yet he plays T-rated games like Fortnite, Marvel's Spider-Man, and even Bendy and the Ink Machine which are not recommended for younger audiences at all.[4][5] This also makes him extremely hypocritical as well.
    13. He sometimes even smashes his head on his keyboard when he gets angry, which can both cause damage to his head and the keyboard.
    14. He somewhat lacks any real personality whatsoever to the point where he is one-dimensional, and in addition, his characterization is poorly written at times.
    15. He could be seen as a ripoff of AVGN, due to him having anger issues, except he doesn't swear and is animated.
    16. He has been shown to bully others around him such as:
      • In an episode of EK Doodles (a Ryan's World spin-off), Combo, along with Gus, bullied Moe (another Ryan's World character) for being scared of a playground slide. However, they praise Moe for facing his fears later at the end of the episode.
    17. Speaking of which, he is somewhat cruel to Peck, a notably likable character from the franchise. Here are some examples.
      • There is a short parody of Combo bullying him on Twitter, making fun of his appearance and for being smart.
      • There is one episode, in which there is a scene where Peck faints, while Combo just stands there and laughs at him.
      • He often messes up with Peck's inventions for no reason.
    18. He is the most overused character in Ryan's World, while the other characters are often neglected because of that. This is to the point that it makes him a Creator's Pet, although it's mainly because of the popularity of his own YouTube channel, though.
    19. Due to his aggressive and hip yet naive attitude, he can be seen as Jeffy from SML, the titular character from Caillou, and the 2016 incarnations of The Powerpuff Girls mixed into one character.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. To be fair, he's not really intended to be a bad character, just a flawed one, and his unlikability can also be justified, since he's frequently humiliated when he doesn't deserve it.
    2. In his gaming channel, he is a bit more tolerable.
    3. Karma sometimes returns to him whenever he does a bad thing, and to make matters better, he sometimes even apologizes for what he does, but that doesn't spare him from being a Karma Houdini, especially due to the fact he barely learns anything.
    4. Despite still being a huge jerk, he is likable, sympathetic and charming in a number of episodes, such as "The Battery Problem", "The Evil Elf", "Party Plans", "Moe's First Day", "Ryan Finds an Alien Puppy", "Peck is Missing!" and "Big Gil Gets Lost", as well as the "Arctic Adventures" and "Island Adventures" series.
      • Depending on your view, he has improved a bit in 2023.
    5. He has an evil robot clone who is likable as well.
    6. As mentioned above, his voice actor, Bradley William Smith, does a decently good job voicing the character.
    7. A few of his quotes, such as "Alright Combo Crew! Next episode, expect me to be putting Robo-Combo in his place, which is the recycling bin!", are funny and memorable.
    8. His design is pretty cool, despite being a bit generic.
    9. Since 2019, he has rarely bullied Peck, to the point where they became good friends.

    Videos Where He is At His Worst


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