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Cody (Total Drama World Tour)
“🎶I never thought I'd get this far. Let's face it I'm no TV star.🎶"

"Your right, Cody. You are NO TV Star, at least, in this season."

"🎶But now I'm in the Final 3. Unless we get caught in that tree.🎶"
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark side of Cody
Age: 17 (World Tour)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Peter Oldring
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Total Drama

Cody is a character from the Total Drama franchise. He was a great character from I|sland-Action, had a nice cameo in Revenge of the Island, and is actually one of the good child characters in Total DramaRama. Unfortunately, during Total Drama World Tour, he was badly flanderized.

Bad Qualities

  1. In World Tour, he went from a weird and funny, but nice and friendly guy into a hypocrite and a massive jerk, who basically really only cares about being with Gwen and getting rid of poor Sierra.
  2. In "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Show", he took his old band’s fame too far, and jumped into a swimming pool NAKED.
  3. In "Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 1", he admits that being on the girls team is the best, meaning that he doesn’t take any boy teammates well (considering he’s the only boy on Team Amazon).
  4. In "Walk Like An Egyptian, Part 2", this is the start of when his crush on Gwen goes too far, as he tries to sit next to her on his team’s camel.
  5. In "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better", he tried to hug Gwen for warmth in the Yukon, just to get close to her, which was very creepy.
  6. Also in the same episode, when Sierra said she would want to drown if one of them could drown, he agreed. That’s cold.
  7. In "Broadway, Baby!", he’s shown to have an obsession for candy, and while it was funny at first, it would soon turn bad in later episodes.
  8. In "Slap Slap Revolution", he tried to trick Sierra into wearing a lederhosen (as one of his teammates or him has to wear it since his team lost the first challenge), by lying to her, saying she would look hot in it.
  9. In "The Am-AH-Zon Race", he convinced Gwen to hold his Epipen, much to his happiness and Sierra’s anger. He knew how his Epipen works in case he gets an allergy attack, shot it on his butt check.
    • Also, in the same episode, when Gwen reached into his pocket to find batteries, he enjoyed her touching his butt.
    • He also didn’t wear any underwear in the Amazon, as seen as when Gwen used his X-Ray Googles, that meant she saw him naked with those on, much to his enjoyment.
  10. He acts like a grump when Heather finds his final toothbrush he hid from Sierra in "New Kids on the Rock".
  11. It’s revealed in "I See London..." while the gang were still in Jamaica, he went next to a sleeping Gwen, and had Tyler get a picture of them. Also, when Gwen was about to wake up, he ran away and accidentally knocked the umbrella that was her shade a little off, which is what got her hand sun-burned.
  12. In "Picnic at Hanging Dork", he still remains on Gwen’s side after she made Duncan cheat on Courtney with her, and that Cody with vote with her to eliminate Courtney if their team loses.
    • This backfires, as when Duncan got him back for what he did to him earlier that episode, he was dizzy and voted for Sierra by accident, and when he apologized to Gwen, he had blurry vision and accidentally said it to Sierra, making her sad.
  13. In "Sweden Sour", he becomes depressed after Gwen’s elimination, which eventually made Sierra grumpy.
    • While he did help his team build their boat in the same episode, they built Gwen’s head, so he could think about her. Miss her much? Unsurprisingly, this really angered Heather, and he had to run from her as she chased him with a hammer to try and murder him.
    • When the Gwen ship got damaged, that motivated him to help his team. Sheesh, dude, when the Gwen boat gets hurt, that’s when you do the challenge?
    • Duirng the time he was with Team Amazon, he doesn’t do much for them most of the time, as he’s the weakest and less reliable, which is unlike Season 1 of the show.
  14. In "Niagara Brawls", he wanted Gwen to be the person to come back to the show. Dude, we thought you got through it after last episode?
    • In the same episode, he couldn’t care less about being Sierra’s partner in the challenge, and didn’t even try hard to help her in the first part, like he wanted them to lose.
  15. In "Chinese Fake-Out", he ditched Sierra in the first challenge by riding Ace the Donkey, and also accidentally had him kick Sierra off the Great Wall of China.
    • In the same episode, he wanted Chris to ring the gong before Sierra could finish, so that she could be out.
  16. Also, he even voted for Sierra even though she has immunity. As evidenced by Blainley saying that he’s voted for her every single time, by both whenever his team loses a challenge and after the merge.
  17. In "Rapa-Phooey!", he allied with Alejandro because he gave him his candy supply he won from the last challenge, even making Sierra more worried. This shows his love for candy has gone too far.
    • In the same episode, he also showed his happiness when Sierra was finally voted out, right in front of her shocked face. Cold.
  18. While him voting for Sierra every-time makes sense, he also sometimes goes against Sierra and his team’s wishes for him to vote off someone else.
  19. He is basically a pervert and a creep during this season, because of his crush on Gwen going too far and his rudeness towards Sierra.

Good Qualities

  1. He was a much better character during the first 2 seasons. At least after he redeemed himself at the end of this season, he had a passable cameo in the first episode of Revenge of the Island.
  2. He still have some funny moments here and there, such as his love for candy and the fact he made the funny commercial video for his team, and this funny singing quote "🎶Gwen, sing it! Don't go!🎶".
  3. Peter Oldring still did a great job voicing him, as well as whenever Cody sang.
  4. He usually gets his comeuppance for anything bad he does, mainly because of Sierra.
  5. Cody wasn’t always useless, as he does help his team at times.
    • In episode 3, he ultimately won it for his team when he made a funny and great commercial video with Sierra with what very little props they had.
    • In episode 5, he carried the baby carriage down the fire pole, and was also the baby of the carriage.
    • In episode 7, he helped his team flatten their tiny sausage.
    • In episode 9, he at least tried to cheer up Sierra for his mistake, and he does make up with her in the end.
    • In episode 10, he stroked his team’s boat with Sierra.
    • In episode 11, he did 2 bobsled runs with Sierra.
    • In episode 14, he was the one that ultimately won it for his team by winning the tiebreaker against Tyler.
    • In episode 15, he sacrificed some of his candy to make the mines blow up and get his team across the mine field safely.
    • In episode 16, he helped get his team a sheep and helped shed the sheep they did get.
    • In episode 17, even if it was Gwen’s head, it still worked as a boat and he did help his team fight back against the other team.
  6. We can sympathize with him for getting away from Sierra, as she can be creepy at times with her crush on him, although he was going a bit too far as he ends up hurting her sometimes.
  7. There are some people who still like Cody's World Tour run.
  8. He understandably couldn’t do the challenge alone in "African Lying Society-Safari", as Sierra paralyzed him with her love tea.
  9. He’s still a nice guy at times, as he’s even nice to Sierra sometimes and thanks her whenever she helps him.
  10. The punch he gave Duncan was awesome, and what he deserved for cheating on Courtney. He also knocks Duncan over in the emu race and even tricks him into getting beat up by a kangaroo.
  11. He even manages to get Heather to be his friend, which is surprising, considering Heather is hated by almost everyone on the show, excluding him, Harold, and Alejandro (her crush), her only friends.
  12. "Jamaica Me Sweat", "Greece's Pieces", "The Ex-Files", "African Lying Society-Safari", and his small 3 episode redemption arc are the only episodes of the season where he’s likable.
  13. He manages to have a small redemption arc consisting of the final 3 episodes of the season he appears in:
    • In "Awww, Drumheller", he finally befriends Sierra and warms up to her after she reminds him it’s his birthday. He even admitted that his parents forgot his last birthday, which was pretty sad, so that’s why he warmed up to Sierra as her fossil had a party hat. He even convinced Sierra that he and Heather were never together without her, and found out Alejandro set them up. He even gives the oil barrel they found to Sierra so she could have immunity, which was very sweet of him. He even takes her check kiss with a smile, and they have Heather team up with them to eliminate Alejandro. He even went to Sierra to make sure she was ok after she accidentally blows up Chris’ plane.
    • In "Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles", he helps get Sierra out of the plane’s wreckage, and he lets Sierra help him out to get to the finale. He makes a hot air balloon, and brings Sierra along to get him to the finale. When singing in "I'm Gonna Make It", he is proud to made it this far, and father than he did in Season 1, and also surprisingly admitted that he wasn’t a good character during this season: "🎶 I never thought I'd get this far. Let's face it, I'm no TV star. But now I'm in the final three, Unless we get caught in that tree!🎶" Even at the moment his balloon got destroyed and was about to give up, he got confidence from Sierra and got the fireworks to send them to the water boats. In the water boat, they headed towards Hawaii, and he had a cool swordfish fight with Alejandro, and they ended up tied in the end, after Heather got there first.
    • In "Hawaiian Punch", he admits he’s proud to make it to the final two-ish, and that he’s this close to the million, but admits that facing Alejandro alone is scary, and that he wishes that Sierra was back in the game to help him. After he got eliminated, he volunteered to help Heather, wanting to give Alejandro his just deserts, and also admitted Heather was a good friend to him in this season. He even got Alejandro fired up with anger after he learned he hates being called Al. He encouraged Heather to keep going and escape the trap, telling her to beat the bad guy, convincing her she’s the good guy. He even cheered after Heather wins in her ending, and says "Take that, Al!", knowing that Alejandro got his just deserts.


  • Cody is one of four characters to have their birthday confirmed. In his case, it is April 1st. The others are Chris, Chef Hatchet, and Junior. He is also the only person to celebrate their birthday on the show, as seen in Awwwwww, Drumheller.
  • Cody is the second contestant of Total Drama World Tour that was eliminated in an episode before the episode's song occurred. The first contestant was Izzy, who was eliminated in Jamaica Me Sweat before Oh My Izzy was performed.
  • Among the contestants who make it to the merge in Total Drama World Tour, Cody and Owen are only ones to not have any irregularities in their placement as the others either return or debut later in the competition or survived an elimination ceremony in some way despite receiving the most votes.
  • Cody is the only Total Drama contestant to be eliminated in a finale without being apart of the final two.
  • Cody has been featured in the most songs in which he did not sing in, with a total of ten.


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