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    Here's another child but older than Pico and Chico! And it’s gets worse.

    Coco (or CoCo in the Wikipedia page) is a character from Boku no Pico. He is a black long haired boy who develops a sexual relationship with the other boys, Pico and Chico being the oldest. In most Cases, Coco is the same as the two boys. Despite his age though, his relationship with Pico and Chico are reversible. He lives under a underground train tunnel.

    He first and only appears in the last OVA episode titled Pico & CoCo & Chico (which his name is in the middle of the title)

    Why He Sucks

    Important note: This character is extremely controversial, for reasoning explained below. No positive pointers/section will be permitted on this page. Anyone on this wiki who adds positive pointers will have their edits reverted. Nobody really likes this character anyway.

    1. He's pretty similar to Pico and Chico in quite a bunch of aspects:
      • He is extremely obsessed with sex.
      • He crossdresses to have sex with people.
      • He never got character development.
      • He is truly “lewd” as he takes his dress off and dives into a pool which causes the power of the city to turn back on.
    2. He had sex with Pico and Chico which is disgusting.
    3. He kisses Pico and Chico and throws his panties off of Tokyo Tower.
    4. He, Pico and Chico are stupid and disgusting as they all pee out in the open.
    5. His design is way too similar to Rika Furude from Higurashi: When They Cry due to the similar rectangular banged hairstyle and child-like looks.
    6. He's the oldest child having sex with Pico and Chico doing many sexual positions. Did parental internet filters not exist in this world or is anime set in a time when the internet didn't exist yet?


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