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    Clifford (Muppets Tonight)

    "I've always wanted to have my own show. Man, this is great!"
    Oh Clifford, what have they done to you?
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Dumb Side of Clifford
    Species: Humanoid Catfish
    Portrayed by: Kevin Clash
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Muppets

    Clifford is the hip Muppet who first appeared on The Jim Henson Hour before being selected to be the host on Muppets Tonight. He is often seen wearing sunglasses, and his multi-colored dreadlocks give his appearance a Rastafarian feel.

    Sadly, he was flanderized in Muppets Tonight.

    He was voiced by Kevin Clash.

    Why He Lost His Cool and Became a Bad Host

    NOTE: This is only focusing on the Muppets Tonight version of Clifford.

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, instead of Kermit being the host of the show, he is now the producer of the show instead with Clifford being the host which made most Muppets fans upset because of this and the reason why Muppets Tonight wasn't as well received as other previous Muppets production.
    2. The only reason Clifford became the host of the show was because all the other Muppets ran out when Kermit asked them if one of them wanted to become the host but Clifford who was too busy talking to his wife.
    3. He is a much bigger Butt-Monkey then he was in previous Muppets productions since he now usually gets involved in the other Muppets' antics.
    4. He is a much bigger coward than he was before, in fact, he was so scared before introducing the show on the first episode, he hid in the closet until the other Muppets dragged him out.
    5. He is dressed like a generic late night host instead of wearing his dreadlocks which he normally wears.
    6. He also acts much stupider than he usually is.
    7. He also acts like a nervous wreck at times.
    8. He lacks his signature sunglasses and his traditional Muppets eyes look uncanny, even Kevin Clash hated the design choice and said that he preferred Clifford wearing shades and will only perform the character if he had his shades.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He was a much better character during The Jim Henson Hour.
    2. Clifford went back to his old self starting with Muppets from Space, even though he stopped making appearances in Muppet media after Muppets Wizard of Oz.
    3. Kevin Clash does a decent job voicing him and puppetring him.
    4. He doesn't always act like a coward or an idiot.


    • He spawned the "Nice Job, Kermit" meme.



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