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    Note: Please do not change the Bad Qualities and Good Qualities headers, because although Cleo de Nile has many flaws, she's still liked by those who are fans of Monster High. Anyone who ignores this note and changes the headers will be blocked.

    Cleo de Nile
    "Cleo de Nile is my name and I'm a true Egyptian princess complete with headdress, exotic jewelry, and oh yeah, the occasional stray bandage wrapping."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Stereotypical Himedere
    Age: 5842 years old (6000 in some merchandising)
    Species: Mummy
    Portrayed by: Salli Saffioti
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Monster High

    Cleo de Nile is one of the main characters in the Monster High franchise. She has been around since the beginning of the franchise, at first having been introduced as an antagonist, but later becoming friends with the protagonists. She is the second and youngest daughter of Ramses and Dedyet de Nile and younger sister of Nefera de Nile. She is voiced by Salli Saffioti, along with Clawdeen Wolf.

    "Oh, my, RA!" Qualities

    1. Among the characters in Monster High, Cleo is one of the least closely related to the monster she is supposed to be, in her case a mummy, looking more like an Egyptian human princess with a healthy young body. In fact, she looks more like a drag queen than a mummy.
      • Her design isn't very original either, looking like a generic depiction of Cleopatra in most films and cartoons as a woman who is always gorgeous and well dressed in addition to wearing golden accessories, when in real life, Cleopatra didn't look like that.
    2. During the first season of the web series, she is portrayed as the main antagonist of the show, however she is nothing more than a stereotype of a mean popular girl who despises Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen for no reason. By the way, she's not a good antagonist either, as in some episodes, she's seen to be friends with Frankie and the others instead of enemies.
    3. Even after redeeming herself and becoming friends with Frankie and her friends, Cleo still retains some of her immature, whiny, and snobby behavior until the end of the series.
    4. She tends to be very bossy, based on the fact that she also represents the stereotype of a snobby rich girl who often takes advantage of her wealth. Because of this, she makes Bunny from Dibo the Gift Dragon look like a saint in comparison.
    5. Her romance with Deuce Gorgon is terribly and poorly written since she is rarely seen interacting with him in the web series and movies, and they have practically been introduced as lovers since the beginning of the series without showing how the backstory of their romance was. Cleo has also been shown to be an extremely jealous girlfriend about seeing Deuce with other girls.
      • To rub salt in the wound, her romance with him is kind of disturbing because Cleo is 5842 (6000 in some merchandising) years old, while Deuce is 16.
    6. She often uses amulets capable of invoking Egyptian curses at school and seems to have no idea of the dangers this can cause, as well as taking them to school.
    7. Similar to Paulina Sanchez, she always cares about fashion, popularity, cold and beauty, making her very pointless, more focused to different things instead of being serious, and of course making people feel jealous.
    8. During the first season she is shown to treat Ghoulia badly, since she is Cleo's accomplice. This is also repeated for a moment in the film Fright On! (where Cleo should already be redeemed from her actions with Ghoulia) mimicking the behavior of the vampire students using the zombies.
    9. She's obsessed with wanting attention and showing up, even jealous of seeing Frankie being kidnapped by the giant monster, wishing the monster had bothered to kidnap her in the movie Escape from Skull Shores.
    10. Sometimes she also proves to be very dramatic and whiny, an example of this is when she finds out that her older sister, Nefera, is being moved to Monster High and she tries to exaggeratedly warn her friends by saying "she's evil" (of course after Nefera shows up, she reveals herself to be a hateful and abusive girl, but Cleo didn't need to make such a fuss about it.).
    11. She also demonstrates cheating to get good grades in class as demonstrated in the episodes "Idol Threat" and "Hatch Me If You Can".

    Good Qualities

    1. While not looking like a real mummy, her design is actually pretty.
    2. She ceases to be antagonistic in season two and eventually becomes friends with Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen, leaving part of her immature behavior from the first season.
    3. Starting in season two Cleo starts to make friends and also respect other students at school, including Ghoulia.
    4. Her behavior can be justified by her sister Nefera, who is much more rude, snobbish, selfish, and cheating than Cleo, in addition to not having any friendships.
    5. She gets comeuppance for her actions in some episodes. For example, in "The Halls Have Eyes", where Rochelle gives Cleo a slip for attempting to cheat on biteology class.
    6. In the 2016 reboot, starting with the movie Welcome to Monster High, Cleo surprisingly improves her behavior completely by no longer being bossy or obsessed with fashion, beauty, and attention.
      • In the 2022 reboot, her behavior is even better as she is one of the nicest and friendliest ghouls in school. Even willing to give good advice to her friends also.
    7. Salli Saffioti did a wonderful job voicing her, just like Clawdeen Wolf.
    8. Overall, Cleo is not a bad character; she's just flawed.
    9. Lene Bastos, who also did the voice of Iria on Little Princess School, is also the Brazilian Portuguese voice actress of Cleo, and Lene Bastos' performance as the latter character she voiced was a massive improvement over her performance as the former since Lene Bastos did a rather bad job at voicing Iria.


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