Claudette, Stinky, and Runt

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Claudette, Stinky, and Runt
Gender: Male and Female
Type: Spoiled Pups
Media of origin: Alpha and Omega

Claudette, Stinky, and Runt are the main protagonists of the Alpha and Omega direct-to-DVD sequels and the children of Kate and Humphrey.

Why They Suck

  1. The designs of all three pups are awful. In fact, these designs have originated from the original Alpha and Omega movie.
  2. They constantly disobey their parents and get into all sorts of trouble in almost every movie they've been in.
  3. They tend to forget about certain characters they have interacted with from movies 2 to 8. The biggest examples are their uncle Garth and Aunt Lily, Amy, and Daria.
  4. They are hypocrites, as Stinky would suggest "parenting tips" to Kate and Humphrey when he and his siblings have been disobeying their parents a lot.
  5. When Kate and Humphrey go to rescue Runt from King's pack, Stinky and Claudette don't do anything to help.
  6. The pups talk back to Kate and Humphrey every time they try to punish them and get off Scot-Free.
  7. They appear to be immortal as they have been launched several feet into the air by Amy's tail and fall into a pit unharmed.
  8. The worst thing about them is what they say to their parents near the end of Dino Digs when they introduce Amy to Kate and Humphrey. The pups say that they get into trouble is because their parents raised them to be kind and caring towards others, which is arguably their worst moment of hypocrisy in the entire series.
  9. Who the hell names their child Stinky?.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They care for each other as well as Brent, Agnes, Fleet, etc.
  2. Runt has the ability to climb trees from movies 2 to 4 until he taught the others how to do it in The Family Vacation.