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    Cindy, Bianca, Hime, Iria, and Zade (Little Princess School)

    NOTE: Please have some respect for the Portuguese voice actress of Cindy, Elisa Villon, who died on January 8th, 2019. May she rest in peace.

    Cindy, Bianca, Hime, Iria, and Zade
    "Now we'll never learn to be beautiful!" Because you're spoiled brats, that's why.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spoiled princesses who are WAY too obsessed with being attractive
    Age: 6
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Elisa Villon (Cindy, PT)
    Erica Schroeder (Cindy, EN)
    Claudia Victoria (Bianca, PT)
    Lisa Ortiz (Bianca, EN)
    Luciana Minei (Hime, PT)
    Andi Whaley (Hime, EN)
    Lene Bastos (Iria, PT)
    Kerry Williams (Iria, EN)
    Thayna Almeida (Zade, PT)
    Rebecca Soler (Zade, EN)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Little Princess School

    Cindy, Bianca, Hime, Iria, and Zade are the main protagonists of Vídeo Brinquedo's Little Princess School.

    They are based on Cinderella from the movie of the same name, Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fa Mulan from Mulan, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, and Jasmine from Aladdin.

    In the original Brazilian Portuguese dub, Cindy was voiced by the late Elisa Villon, Bianca was voiced by Claudia Victoria, Hime was voiced by Luciana Minei, Iria was voiced by Lene Bastos, and Zade was voiced by Thayna Almeida.

    In the English dub, Cindy was voiced by Erica Schroeder (4Kids voice of Monkey D. Luffy), Bianca was voiced by Lisa Ortiz (4Kids voice of Amy Rose), Hime was voiced by Andi Whaley (4Kids voice of Liza, Katie, and Cassidy from Pokémon), Iria was voiced by Kerry Williams (4Kids voice of Nami from One Piece), and Zade was voiced by Rebecca Soler (4Kids voice of Tecna from Season 3 of Winx Club).

    Why They'll Never Learn to Be Beautiful

    1. First of all, they are bland and blatant rip-offs of Cinderella (Cindy), Snow White (Bianca), Fa Mulan (Hime), Tiana (Iria), and Jasmine (Zade), but with none of the charm and likability they had.
    2. They are obsessed with being attractive, which is creepy and very disturbing if you think about it since they are just 6-year-old girls, and this is something that pedophile would've dreamed of.
    3. The girls are depicted as the main "protagonists", despite them being the misbehaving brats who are the ones responsible for most of the chaos that occurs within the school grounds in almost every episode. Sorry, we're meant to sympathize for them?
    4. Another problem with them is their walk cycles as they look more like hopping rather than actual walking.
    5. They have done too many bad and mean-spirited things during the series:
      • They laughed about the nice monster getting a stomachache because he ate all the chocolate in the pantry in "Defenseless Princes".
      • They forced Bianca's pet rooster to sleep outside because it has its beak tied shut despite that the rooster saved Cindy, Bianca, Hime, Iria, and Zade for the sleeping spell at the end in "Sleeping Beauties".
      • They laughed at Madame Drastic getting chased by the titular toad whom she kissed creepily in "The Enchanted Toad", which is very mean of them.
        • Worse, each of those said endings are supposed to be happy endings, as suggested by the joyous music playing in the back. They instead come off as sickening.
      • Cindy, Hime, Iria, and Zade acted very mean-spirited and said mean things to Bianca in gym class when she wasn't doing the same as the four other princesses, and they even told her to get a life in " Defenseless Princes". Just because somebody doesn't do the same as you doesn't mean you should be mean to them.
    6. Their Portuguese voice actresses, Elisa Villon (Cindy), Claudia Victoria (Bianca), Luciana Minei (Hime), Lene Bastos (Iria), and Thayna Almeida (Zade) did not do good jobs voicing them.
    7. They are bad role models to children, teaching them to break the rules, lie to their teachers, and be rude to one another.
    8. Because of how they can do lots of bad things in the show and act rude, they can be considered stereotypical Alpha Bitches.
    9. While their designs are not bad, they are shown to have eternal smiles and never happen to frown regardless of what emotion they are facing, like fear, which makes their facial expressions look creepy, unappealing, and uncanny, showing how inexpressive the animation is.
    10. Again, their designs, while cute, look rather cheap and ugly, where they mostly look like rip-offs to that of Little Einsteins. They also look like if they were drawn by a child using Microsoft Paint.
    11. The girls are also shown wearing their signature princess outfits ALL THE TIME, even during gym class and when going to bed in countless episodes because the animation is so lazy that the animators couldn't be bothered to draw other outfits for them, such as athletic wear and pajamas. In real life, wearing princess dresses, or formal dresses in general, even during PE and to bed is very uncomfortable, restrictive, and constricting, which makes these bad clothing choices make zero sense whatsoever.
    12. They can be Mary Sues at times.
    13. Hime and Iria look a bit too adult-like to be actual six-year-olds as they are seen wearing lipstick, which makes them look more like midget women rather than little girls.
    14. Cindy, Bianca, and Zade look WAY too similar to Cinderella, Snow White, and Jasmine since their outfits look too similar to their respective Disney Princesses that they are rip-offs of.
    15. Hime, for some unspecified reason, knows Spanish despite being Asian/Japanese. This is proven when she says "No problema, amiga!" to Cindy in "Sleeping Beauties". Not to mention, she never seems to open her eyes. How the heck can she see?
      • This also resembles Brock from the Pokémon anime franchise as well as Maylee from Cooking Mama, although Brock sometimes opens his eyes and Maylee rarely opens her eyes, unlike Hime.
    16. Speaking of Hime, she is a racist Asian stereotype since she is always seen with her eyes closed, which conveys the offensive racial stereotype that Asians are blind.
      • On the topic of Hime, the writers for some reason must've discriminated both the Filipino and Malay ethnicities, and therefore erroneously depicted Hime as a Filipino-looking character complete with a classy Hispanasian dress despite that Fa Mulan, the Disney character Hime is a rip-off of, is Chinese, which is just racist to both Malay and/or Filipino people by depicting both races as one of the same despite them being two completely different ethnicities.
    17. On the topic of racial stereotypes, Iria's hairstyle is drawn in a stereotypical African afro hairdo and is often treated as the Butt-Monkey of the group, which symbolizes racial discrimination toward black-skinned people.
    18. In some scenes, Zade, despite being of a Middle East ethnicity like her "Disney clone" Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, has her face erroneously colored with pale white skin color than the rest of her body due to animation errors, which is inadvertent whitewashing.
    19. Speaking of Zade, despite her only being six years old, she wears a skimpy bikini-like tube top as her regular outfit like her "Disney clone" Jasmine. This is quite inappropriate for a show aimed towards children.
      1. This also happened with Iara, a new character who rip-offs Ariel based on the Brazilian indigenous folklore of the same name, although this was likely based on the Brazilian indigenous girls that they didn't uses so much clothes unlike the Native Americans, but still on.
    20. When Iria kissed the toad in "The Enchanted Toad" when she turned into a frog, the design of her toad form looked downright hideous and disturbing.
    21. Speaking of Iria, she was the only character from Little Princess School to return in her own spinoff film The Frog Prince, a blatant rip-off of The Princess and the Frog. The worst part is that she was drastically, terribly flanderized further into becoming a lot dumber and more vain, arrogant, and whinier than she already was.
    22. Their dresses are pretty long, so their legs and feet are rarely shown.
    23. Speaking of dresses, Cindy's, Bianca's, and Iria's dresses look ridiculously wide and big. There was no need for a size that huge for little girls like them.
    24. They never get their comeuppance for always causing trouble at the Princess School, making them Karma Houdinis.
    25. The girls were even featured in a racist music video with the classic children's song Ten Little Indians, complete with Native American boys! We kid you not!
      1. This is also pretty ironic because unlike the original version of the music, the Brazilian version is a tribute for the Brazilian indigenous boys, not the Native Americans, who's considered a bit offense because "Índio" (who means "Indian") isn't allowed anymore in Brazil, so this really aged bad like most of the Brazilian cartoons, series and soap operas who tributed the Brazilian indigenous people with this term.
    26. Their version of the famous classic Christmas song "Jingle Bells" in the season 5 Christmas special is not only a big cringe-fest, but they sang "Ore the fields we go" instead of "Over the fields we go", which is why said special is a complete mess.
    27. Despite them being on a children's show, there are several scenes of risqué innuendos in this show that are extremely unsuitable for its target audience. Some good examples include "Sleeping Beauties" starting with Cindy literally telling Bianca, "There's no point in trying to hide that crazy rooster of yours." This is basically a weenier joke on erection! We wish we were kidding!
    28. Again, in said episode, after the rooster saved Bianca, Hime, Iria, and Zade from the sleeping spell, Bianca, from that point on, refers to her pet rooster as "Prince Crooner" twice as if it's her love interest, which is bestiality if you think about it.
    29. In "Defenseless Princes", during the opening scene at PE class, if you listen closely to the background sounds, you could literally hear the girls making sexual noises in the background as the Princesses' panting noises, which is incredibly sick, creepy, disturbingly pedophilic and highly inappropriate if you think about.
    30. There's also some intelligence-insulting idiocy, with a very good example being the girls getting dismissed from PE class all because Cindy broke her nail in "The Enchanted Toad". This gets to the point where it gets frustrating rather than funny.

    Qualities That Will Learn to Be Beautiful

    1. Erica Schroeder (Cindy), Lisa Ortiz (Bianca), Andi Whaley (Hime), Kerry Williams (Iria), and Rebecca Soler (Zade) did good jobs voicing them in the English dub, compared to their original Brazilian Portuguese dub actors.
    2. Despite they are unlikeable to be whiny, airheaded, and misbehaving spoiled brats who are unhealthily obsessed over physical appearances, at least Iria is a bit more tolerable than what she'd become in her spin-off film, The Frog Prince.
    3. Their designs aren't too bad, and they do look admittedly cute.
    4. As a follow-up to QTWLTBB#1, Erica Schroeder's performance as Cindy was a massive improvement over her performance as Monkey D. Luffy as she was poorly directed as the latter character she voiced.
    5. At least Hime and Iria's designs are distinctive from their Disney Princess counterparts (Fa Mulan and Tiana) and don't look too similar to them, unlike Cindy, Bianca, and Zade, who look too similar to Cinderella, Snow White, and Jasmine.
    6. Hime's and Zade's outfits aren't so big, unlike Cindy, Bianca, and Iria, who have insanely big skirts and dresses.


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