Chuck E. Cheese (Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000)

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Chuck E. Cheese (Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000)
"Jasper, now you've done it!"
Gender: Male
Type: "Hero"
Species: Mouse
Media of Origin: Chuck E. Cheese's

Note: This page will only talk about Chuck E. as he appears in Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000, not his restaurant incarnation since that version of Chuck E. is likable compared to how he is portrayed here.

Chuck E. Cheese is the mascot of the Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant franchise. As an iconic mouse mascot, Chuck E. is not like what you would expect in the film, Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000.

Why He Sucks

  1. Chuck E. suffers from flanderization in this movie. The mouse usually appears as a loveable character, yet he becomes more of a "hero" instead.
  2. The reason why Chuck E. is considered a "hero" is because he can sometimes be a jackass at times during the film. For instance, he would sometimes treat Helen like trash just because Chuck E. wanted to be with Astrid.
  3. His relationship with Astrid is extremely awkward since Chuck E. is a mouse while Astrid is a human, which is considered bestiality.
  4. Chuck E. denies Helen's feelings towards Chuck after he managed to get Astrid into his relationship. He didn't even regret what just happened most of the time until he found out that Helen joined forces with the X-Pilots for a little while due to his behavior.
  5. He can be a hypocrite in some type of form. He asked his friends if Helen and Charlie Rockit mentioned that Helen left due to her anger. You know what he said. He thinks that Helen is okay despite the fact that Chuck E. set aside Helen.
  6. Chuck is also impatient during one scene. Jasper at one point suggested that he should give his racing vehicle a test run, but Chuck was in a rush and ignored Jasper's advice (even Jasper said "Aw Man!" after what Chuck said, even if there isn't enough time to test run which is somewhat understandable since this is a race after all).
  7. Even though Chuck E.'s design is faithful to his 1997 design, the way his mouth moves doesn't move that much which can make him unintentionally creepy. Same goes for how his eyes move the wrong way which is a common mistake.
  8. His decisions are rather unwise. He said to Jasper that he would ride at Dead Man's Canyon without Jasper joining him or understanding that Jasper knew that this wasn't safe. He still refused to listen and became foolish which lead Chuck E. to crash.
  9. His songs like "The Galaxy's For You and Me" and "We Did It" are corny to listen to and only there for filler.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Duncan Brannan still did a good job at voicing Chuck E.
  2. Chuck E. did forgive Helen before the final race and started to tolerate her.
    • An important thing to note that compared to Helen, at least he tolerated Jasper (well, sometimes), Charlie, Mr. Munch, Harry, and Pasqually.
  3. Chuck E. met Harry who taught him how to train for the race. Even Chuck E. admitted that he didn't train. This made Chuck be aware of his actions during the race.
  4. He did have a good reason on why he had to be strict to Jasper after Jasper mentioned about working at the Chicken Palace without realizing that Helen is a chicken.
  5. His song "I Know I Can" is pretty good despite being used for filler.
  6. He still helps Charlie to get the money.
  7. He won at the end of the film.


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