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Christopher "Chris" Oram is a supporting character in the film Alien: Covenant. He was the Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant. He was also the husband of the crew's biologist Karine Oram. He was serving on the Covenant during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6, during which it suffered several catastrophes that resulted in the loss of most of the ship's crew and its hijacking by the android David.

He was portrayed by Billy Crudup.

Why He Sucks

  1. He's extremely bland and forgettable with barely any personality.
  2. Idiotic moves: Oh boy. Over the course of the film, this guy (along with the rest of the Covenant cast) makes too many stupid decisions to count.
    • Willing aborting the team's mission just because they heard a mysterious signal from another planet without putting it to a crew vote. Thus, kick starting the entire movie.
    • Not wearing any kind of protection on the foreign planet.
    • Opening quarantine rooms with killer aliens in them
    • Trusting an android who's clearly obsessed with aliens and not trying to put him out of commission.
    • Sticking his head over an alien egg just because the robot told him to, which not only gets him killed but triggers a series of events that dooms 2000+ people. Thank god this guy wasn't the captain.
  3. He's kind of a jerk at times as he refused to allow Daniels and the crew to properly honor her husband and his best friend and when they did, called it "a breach in protocol".
  4. He's pretty self-centered and careless as he thought that the crew was somehow distrustful of him despite showing no signs of it claiming them and the company didn't like religious people.
  5. It feels like his character is partially recycling elements from the previous film is the Alien franchise

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he showed remorse over causing all of the various deaths.
  2. He seems like a nice enough person, he's just super incompetent at his job.


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