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    Chip 2.6 (Mr. Meaty)
    "Chip, loves you!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Friend Stealer
    Age: Ageless
    Species: Robot
    Portrayed by: Unknown
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Mr. Meaty

    Chip 2.7 (formerly "Chip 2.6") is a character from Mr. Meaty. He was the main antagonist in the episode "Model Employee". He was an evil robot, who was originally built to be the perfect Mr. Meaty employee.

    Why He Sucked

    1. To start you off, he is an evil robot and a friend stealer.
    2. His moving mouth (despite being robot puppetry) is very annoying, gross, and disturbing.
    3. Just like these four characters, he would almost ruin the Parker and Josh relationship.
      • And worst of all, he STEALS THEIR JOBS.
    4. While his design is passable, the moving parts of his mouth coming out of him are a little bit creepy.
    5. He is a very dumb employee.
    6. He could possibly be a part of the mean popular boy trope.
    7. He is downright unlikable to Parker whereas he shoves, grabs, and squishes on Parker getting him tortured and knocked on the floor, thus making Parker feel jealous.
    8. He is at his COMPLETE WORST when he went psychotic mode by transforming Parker into a whirling-mouthing robot and tried to convert Josh into one as well which is nightmare fuel.
    9. The infamous scene where he opens his mouth really big "I will have the last sale combo with a cola." is very disturbing.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. "Your coupon is no longer valid!"
    2. He got his comeuppance when Parker throws him in the grease fryer thus saving Josh.
    3. As mentioned in WHS #4, his design is passable.
    4. And without him, we wouldn't have a good episode of Mr Meaty besides the pilot.
    5. Not to mention, he was intended to be hated.


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