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    Chimchar (Starter Squad)
    A rehash of Charmander but worse.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Pointless rehash character.
    Species: Chimchar
    Portrayed by: Jess Floam
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: mh:amazingyoutubersStarter Squad
    First appearance: Pokémon
    Starter Squad Episode 10: The Legend of Blue Shell Man Guy

    Chimchar is a minor character that was introduced in Episode 10 of Starter Squad. He was meant to be a replacement for Charmander.

    He is voiced by Jess Floam.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He is nothing but a rehash of Charmander meant to be a replacement for him after he died in Episode 9, as he shares the same personality as him, murders innocent Pokémon, and only wants to evolve.
    2. He disrespects Squirtle, who wants him to be stronger as Squirtle has been training Pokémon during the 10 years before the events. Even after Squirtle evolved to Wartortle, he still cared for Chimchar and later carried his body and went up the mountain to the gods to revive him.
      • Not only does he disrespect Squirtle, but he's also a bad friend to Turtwig as he refuses to listen to his concerns, much to Turtwig's annoyance.
    3. He also starts fights for no reason, such as when he fights multiple Bidoofs after destroying their houses. (Charmander however in earlier episodes (1-7), was forced to fight after encountering trainers and wild Pokémon like in the actual game itself.)
    4. Unlike Charmander, who has redeemed himself after realizing Squirtle was helping him which resulted in fighting off various Caterpies to save him in Episode 9. This was why Charmander for the most part killed various Caterpies (It doesn't excuse the earlier kills). Chimchar on the other hand murders innocent Pokémon for no reason, other than gaining HP.
    5. His character was rather poorly introduced and very underdeveloped, as he was only on-screen for the first 3-4 minutes and then disappearing altogether after that. Later on throughout the episode, he was revealed to be killed off-screen by the Giant Abomasnow by being frozen to death. Making the introduction pointless.
    6. Overall, he was just a pointless character just to replace an existing character that was written off the show.
      • In fact, he was so pointless that he was killed off later in the episode. This means he doesn't get any character development. Although it is likely possible he might be revived and may get character development in Episode 11.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. Jess Floam does a good job voicing him.


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