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    Chick Hicks
    "Oh yeah, you want a little forecast? I'll give you a forecast. 100% chance of THUNDER!!!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Arrogant Cheater
    Species: 1986 Buick Regal
    Portrayed by: Michael Keaton (Cars)
    Bob Peterson (Cars 3)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Cars

    Chick Hicks is the main antagonist of the Disney/Pixar's Cars franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Cars and is a minor character in Cars 3.

    Why He Intentionally Didn't Deserve to Win the Piston Cup

    1. Much like Sid Philips, he is extremely rude, arrogant, and self-centered, and loves winning like Lightning McQueen was at the start of the film.
    2. After sending Lightning behind, he wants to make most of the racers crash into each other in order to slow him down.
    3. He makes a bet with Lightning on who reaches California first gets to land the deal with Dinoco, which was one of the reasons Lightning got lost in Radiator Springs.
    4. He stole most of Lightning's fans, including Mia and Tia, while he was lost.
    5. During the tie-breaker race, he keeps forcing McQueen to make him lose.
    6. He infamously performs a PIT move on the King, making him spin out of control and crash violently.
    7. While both he and Lightning were originally rude, selfish and vain racers, the latter learned his lesson and completely redeems himself by giving up the Piston Cup so he can help The King finish his last race and got praised for it, while Chick didn't and instead simply got worse when the crowd and media booed him for being a cowardly cheater despite officially winning his first Piston Cup title (which in fact, wasn't a deserved victory).
    8. The film never explains why Chick Hicks has the selfish attitude that he displays in the film even though the film never does this with Lightning McQueen either. He just seems to act this way just to make the plot "work".
    9. The video game tie into the film strongly implies that Chick hired DJ, Boost, Wingo, and Snot Rod to sabotage Lightning Mcqueen’s commute to California in order to prevent Lightning from competing and win the bet by default. This is shown with Chick hiring the said quartet to perform additional sabotage on McQueen throughout the game and with their confession that Chick paid them to do it.

    Unintentional Redeeming Qualities That Deserved to Win the Piston Cup

    1. Michael Keaton and Bob Peterson do good jobs at voicing him.
    2. He did get his comeuppance after he gets on stage to collect his trophy and celebrate his victory, as he expects them to celebrate with him, but instead, the fans turn on him as revenge, branding him a dirty cheater and not caring that he won.
    3. Cars 3 implies that Chick was permanently banned from competing in future Piston Cup races for what he did to the King as he is seen being the spokesperson for the races while Lightning continues his Piston CAup career with multiple wins.
    4. Despite being hated, at least he has slightly more humor and snarky moments than Jackson Storm to make him particularly entertaining but still.
    5. "KACHIGGA!"


    • Chick is rather similar to Randall Boggs from Monsters, Inc. personality-wise, since both characters have the goal of reaching to the top in their respective careers and despise being runner-ups.
    • He has the most voice actors in the entire series, totaling at 4.
    • 86, Chick's number, is most likely a reference to 1986, the year that Pixar was established. Additionally, "86" is used as a slang term for "eliminating" someone or something, which may have influenced Pixar's decision.
      • Both the 8 and 6 respectively are subtracted and added by 1 to make 95, Lightning's number, to signify Chick's role as Lightning's Dark Parallel.
      • 86 is even twice of 43, The King's number, symbolizing his goal to be better than The King.
    • The number of stickers he has on his bodywork imply that he is a sellout.
    • Chick Hicks mostly served as a warning if McQueen never humbled himself throughout the film. His win and getting booed, as well as his bad attitude also gives the viewer example that bad sportsmanship is wrong and that even if you win, it doesn’t matter regardless. His brief appearance in the third movie also is a representation that he only cares about trophies, fame, winning, and making fun of others, whereas for Lightning McQueen, he put friendship first by helping The King finish his final race, even if it meant allowing his rival to claim victory through dirty methods.
    • After Chick added a thundercloud sticker with the letter "C" on his front bumper near the end of the first movie, four stickers were removed in each side. Those being; Motor Oil, Spare Mint, Transberry Juice, and Shiny Wax.
    • A Mattel Disney Pixar Cars of Chick, along with Lightning McQueen and Brush Curber, appears in one of the exhibit elements at The Science Behind Pixar exhibition.


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