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    "She's a woman! She'll never be worth anything!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Sexist Coward
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: James Hong
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Mulan (1998)

    Chi-Fu is a major antagonist from Mulan. He is a trusted agent of the Emperor of China who is marked by his unbelievable misogyny and cowardice.

    He was voiced by James Hong, who also voiced Zong-Shi in Trollhunters: The Rise of Titans, and was potrayed by Nelson Lee in the 2020 remake of the same name, although he is not referred by name, only by his job as the Chancellor.

    Why He Intentionally Is Misogynistic Coward

    1. He is a misogynist and an ageist, who represents the bad qualities of the Chinese military during the time the film takes place in; basically he hates women more than he hates the Huns.
    2. While he has comedic moments, they are solely moments that make him appear spineless or undignified. For example, the soldiers mocking him for screaming like a girl showcases his lack of charisma.
    3. He looks down on Captain Shang out of pure ageism, and is eager to give him a bad report. He knows he came from a gallant bloodline and out-achieved all of his peers and possessed extensive knowledge of war methodology, and simply doesn't care. He even smirks perversely as he makes a note of Shang grabbing "Ping" for making a scene and striking several of her peers (even though she was kind of asking for it, and it's ambiguous where Ling even got a scorpion from in the first place). Even when Shang proves he couldn't be more wrong about his ageist prejudice, he irrationally claims that the recruits wouldn't last two seconds against Shan Yu's army. The boys pick up on this and ruin his slippers for it.
    4. When a "herald" gives him a message, Mushu calls him out for caring too much about his supposed identity and "asking stupid questions".
    5. He is disliked by the soldiers for his pompous attitude, even calling "Ping" an "absolute lunatic" (even though she was acting goofily at the moment, that was still unnecessarily hurtful). Yao in particular thinks that the only woman who loves him is his mother, despite his claims to the contrary, and he's probably not wrong at all.
    6. He hides under a rock and whimpers like a child when everyone else is fighting the Huns (though admittedly, since he's the emperor's aide and not a soldier, his terror upon facing the Huns is pretty understandable).
    7. When Mulan is revealed to be a woman, Chi-Fu is the only one willing to have her executed for violating the law, showing a lack of care for Yao, Chien-Po, and Ling who don't want her dead and more importantly a lack of gratitude for her seemingly taking Shan Yu out all by herself at the cost of leaving herself open to a grievous wound that gave her out in the first place.
    8. Even when Mulan finishes the job and China is free of the Huns for good, he still refuses to treat her with respect, foolishly claiming she deliberately tried to murder him, ignoring the fact that the world doesn't revolve around him. He even provokes Li Shang into manhandling him (though the Emperor quickly prevents it from escalating).
      • Though he bows to her, it is only because the Emperor is doing it.
    9. He lies that Mulan can't join the council because there are supposedly no council positions open.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. James Hong's voice performance as him is good.
    2. His loyalty to the Emperor is sincere.
    3. He is genuinely polite to General Li and reacts with dismay when he finds his corpse along with his slaughtered army and the razed village.
    4. Given that he does not appear in the sequel, it is safe to say that he was fired or left.
    5. He is at least one of the very memorable characters in the movie.


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