Chi-Chi (post-Dragon Ball)

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Chi-Chi (post-Dragon Ball)
Gender: Female
Type: Nagging Wife
The Dark Side of Chi-Chi
Age: 41
Species: Human
Media of origin: Dragon Ball

Chi-Chi is the wife of Son Goku. She is a supporting character in the series.

Originally, she just had a bit of a temper, but as time went on, she became a nagging wife who tries to force her children to become scholars and doesn't care if the world gets destroyed.

Why She's Not a Nice Wife Anymore

Note: This only applies to her character depicted in post-Dragon Ball, as she's badly flanderized. Her other appearances are fine.

  1. She originally just had a bit of a fiery temper, but as time went on, she became an overprotective, nagging wife and mother who wanted Gohan and Goten to become scholars, not caring if the world gets destroyed.
  2. She's especially domineering over Goten, preventing him from going off to train with Goku even when he really wants to and still forcing him to be a scholar when he doesn't want to.
  3. Her screaming gets annoying fast.
  4. She called Goten a "monster" when he accidentally unlocked Super Saiyan during a training session.
  5. She cannot take even the slightest bit of criticism which pretty much proves how stubborn she is. One example is when Krillin's ex-girlfriend Maron called her a "bore" and she beat her up for it.
  6. She has no empathy for her friends. One example includes not allowing Gohan to accompany Bulma and Krillin on their journey to Planet Namek so they could collect the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish their fallen friends back.
  7. Her suicidal carelessness. For example, when Super Buu bragged about killing Gohan, she slapped him across the face despite Piccolo repeatedly warning her not to, prompting an enraged Buu to turn her into an egg and crush her to death.
  8. She's a massive hypocrite. She claims that Pan should act more lady-like, yet acts tomboyish herself.
  9. She's shown to be rather greedy: when learning of the World Martial Arts Tournament's prize money, she immediately had Gohan stop studying to train so he could win the prize money, again showing her hypocrisy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Both her voice actors (Naoko Watanabe, Michelle Ruff and Cynthia Cranz) do great jobs voicing her.
    • Plus, her voice is tolerable at times, especially when she is not screaming or yelling.
  2. She has a very beautiful design for a very beautiful girl.
  3. Since she's Goku's love interest and wife, it's safe to say that without her, the Dragon Ball franchise wouldn't be as great as it is.
  4. She ultimately does love her family, even if she's strict with them.
    • Even if she doesn't approve of Goku going off to train on his own, she still loves him. She goes out of her way several times to help him, such as taking care of Goku when he was dealing with the Heart Virus, getting worried when Goku wasn't eating his usual rations after the Tournament of Destroyers, and making him a meal during the Future Trunks saga when he hadn't come home. Goku wasn't exactly wrong when he said she's too good for him, when you think about it like that.
    • Even when she tried to forbid Goku from going off to train with Whis again, when he leaves, she doesn't freak out about it and knows that Goku means well, showing a surprisingly calm and understanding reaction.
    • Despite her anger, she has a point that Goku needs a job to survive rather than just fighting evil.
  5. She puts up with Goku constantly leaving her to train and being gone for years on end, especially for the seven years he was dead and didn't help to raise either Gohan or Goten. Hell, he wasn't even there when Goten was born. As Vegeta said, it's honestly a miracle that Goku is still married after everything he put her through.
  6. She has a sad backstory about her mother dying from an unknown illness shortly after giving birth to her.
  7. She used to be tolerable in the original Dragon Ball series.
  8. Her dislike of Piccolo may be somewhat understandable, given that Piccolo repeatedly tried to kill Goku and subjected Gohan to a year of brutal training at the age of just four (though it was a request from Goku).
  9. She may have intended to apologize to Goten for spanking him, even though she at first felt as if she had a reason for that.
  10. She sort of gets her comeuppance by getting turned into an egg by Super Buu.


  • Her name means "milk" in Japanese.
  • Two alternate timeline versions of Chi-Chi met untimely ends: the Chi-Chi from Future Trunks' timeline was killed during Goku Black and Future Zamasu's attack on Earth, and the Chi-Chi from Goku Black's timeline was decapitated by Black with a ki blade.
  • She might be the example of an Asian tiger-mom who only pushes her children because she wants the best from them.
  • Akira Toriyama has stated that Chi-Chi is his least favourite Dragon Ball character.


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