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"I know mama is gone, but she still listening. I must make her proud, or she give me strapping when I get to heaven gate."

Not to be confused with Chi-Chi (Post Dragon Ball).

Chi-Chi is a 5th grade teacher. She is one of the 7 contestants from the stop motion animated series, Life's a Zoo.

Why She Intentionally Sucks

  1. Chi-Chi is a huge glutton with an unhealthy eating addiction.
  2. Despite being the nicest contestant on the show, she can be a mean, spoiled popular girl sometimes.
  3. After winning immunity in the episode, It's Not Easy Being Chi, she became famous and let fame go to her head.
  4. In the episode, It's Not Easy Being Chi, she cheated on Ray with Minou, Dr. D, and Morreski.
  5. Her English isn't very good. This is understandable, since she was born in China.
  6. She has an ugly character design.
  7. She faked her pregnancy in the episode, Chi's Having A Baby.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her cheerful, kind personality, unlike most of the contestants on the show.
  2. She managed to make it to the final episode of the series without getting eliminated.


  1. Her mom passed away when she was 2 years old.
  2. She and Minou are the only female contestants on Life's a Zoo.
  3. Chi-Chi was the second contestant to be eliminated in the first season and won the second season of the show. However, she forfeited her prize to Jake.
  4. She's the only contestant to celebrate her birthday in the series. (Unplugged And Rewired)
  5. Right before the series finale, she was drugged comatose and lost her memory.
  6. She slept with almost every contestant except for Jake and Rico.
  7. It is unknown what happened to Chi-Chi after the show ended.


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