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    Charmander (Starter Squad)

    Charmander (Starter Squad)
    Why can't you follow the rules, like everyone else?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hypocrite, who cheats in battle, and murders various Pokémon
    Species: Charmander
    Portrayed by: Pierce Shipp
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: mh:amazingyoutubers:Starter Squad
    First appearance: Pokémon
    Episode 1: Choose A Starter
    Last appearance: Episode 9: The Lizard Slayer
    Two Episodes Left

    Charmander is the main protagonist of mh:amazingyoutubers:Starter Squad, he is voiced by the creator of the series Pierce Shipp.

    Bad Qualities

    1. In early episodes ("Episodes 1" - "Episode 7"), he is shown to be very rude towards everyone. Especially Squirtle who tries to help Charmander calm down, although they tend to not get along and argue at each other. He later got character development later on in "Episode 8".
    2. He is shown to be cheating in a Pokémon battle by fighting out of turn. In "Episode 2" he did this and killed a Caterpie (who would later be revealed to be Pablo in Episode 4) by stabbing it with a stick, and later in "Episode 6" where he did the same thing. (But with Flareon surviving instead)
    3. As mentioned in BQ#2, he injures and murders various characters in the series.
      • Pablo (Caterpie): Stabs him with a stick, killing him. This results in the Caterpie Leader trying to kill him. ("Episode 2").
      • Red (Trainer): Burns him to death with Ember ("Episode 3").
      • A Butterfree: Thrown a stick at it, killing it in the process ("Episode 4").
      • Hitmonchan: Stumps on the Pokeball while it is in-use, causing the game to glitch, corrupting Hitmonchan in the process ("Episode 5").
      • Weepinbell: Stabs him in the eye, killing him. ("Episode 6").
      • Various Trainers: Burned to death in the PokeCenter raid done by Charmander. ("Episode 6").
      • Flareon: Stabs him in the neck with a stick, injuring him in the process. ("Episode 7").
      • Shellder: Stumps on it, crushing and killing it in the process ("Episode 9").
      • Beedrill: Burns him to death using Flamethrower ("Episode 9").
      • Various Caterpie: Stabs them with Beedrill's Arm and burning them to death using Flamethrower, although he did this to try and save Squirtle ("Episode 9").
    4. Hypocrisy: Charmander hates the trainers when they use Pokémon for battles and telling them what to do, yet he does the exact same thing in "Episode 3" where he claims Bulbasaur and Squirtle as his Pokemon.
    5. He and Squirtle were the cause of MissingNo being summoned in "Episode 5:, causing Mewtwo to get mad at him in "Episode 8".
    6. He has various moments of doing dumb things, such as:
      • Giving Bulbasaur the antidote, when Bulbasaur is completely fine. ("Episode 6").
    7. Despite being the protagonist of the series, many of his actions make him more of an antagonist rather than a protagonist. Considering he murdered various Pokémon and trainers, and cheated various battles.

    Good Qualities

    1. He redeems himself in "Episode 8", where he realizes that Squirtle helped him out in previous episodes. Resulting in him trying to save Squirtle in "Episode 9".
    2. He didn't kill anyone in Episode 1 and Episode 8.
      • He gets a taste of his own medicine, in "Episode 5" where he gets knocked out by Hitmonchan, in "Episode 8" where he gets scolded by Mewtwo for summoning MissingNo, and in "Episode 9" where he gets knocked out by Squirtle who is splashing him with his Water Gun move, and then killed by Leader Caterpie. (Depending on the situation for the latter episode though, it can and might also be considered a Jerkass Woobie or Unintentionally Sympathetic moment for Charmander since he was starting to receive character development by trying to save Squirtle.)
    3. Pierce Shipp does a great job voicing him.
    4. Charmander has a point in "Episode 9" that using Pokémon just for battling is wrong and if they really cared about them they would fight by their side, despite the hypocrisy of him.


    • There was a another character that Charmander was supposed to attack in "Episode 9", in which it was a Cubone. In which he injured it by stabbing it in the eye. Which was revealed in a older script for "Episode 9", but Cubone was later scrapped and didn't appear in the episode.
    • As a result of Charmander's death in "Episode 9", a new character replaces him in Episode 10. In which is Chimchar, who isn't any better than him for a lot of people.


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