Charlie and Louis (Kangaroo Jack)

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"The Kangaroo Got The Money!"

Charlie and Louis are the main characters and protagonists from Kangaroo Jack.

Why They Suck

  1. The film mainly focuses on them rather than Kangaroo Jack (Jackie Longlegs) himself.
  2. The entire sequence of them in the restroom talking about the money in the envelope while still on the plane.
  3. They also do a ton of stupid things as well.
  4. They used Jackie Longlegs' supposed corpse for photos and played with it, talk about animal cruelty.
  5. Louis is a manipulator to Charlie and has him do bad deeds.
  6. They planned on keeping the money for themselves that they were told to send to Australia.
  7. The scene where Charlie grabs Lola by the boobs to see if she was a mirage.
  8. Most of their dialogue is very awkward such as "The Kangaroo got the money!"
  9. They also never think things through such as Louis putting his coat on Jackie Longlegs while the money was still in the coat.
  10. Their laughing and screaming are very annoying.


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