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    Charlie's Angels (2019)
    You'd think Sony would've learned from last time that they made a team that's sexist towards a certain gender by then...
    Gender: Female
    Type: Propaganda Charlie's Angels
    Age: Adult
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kristen Stewart
    Naomi Scott
    Ella Balinska
    Media of origin: Charlie's Angels (2019)
    First appearance: Charlie's Angels (2019)

    Charlie's Angels, whose team members consist of Sabina Wilson (portrayed by Kristen Stewart), Elena Houghlin (portrayed by Naomi Scott), and Jane Kano (portrayed by Ella Balinska), are the main protagonists on the critically panned 2019 action-comedy film Charlie's Angels.

    This article will be focusing only on the 2019 team of the Charlie's Angels.

    Why These Are Not (And Are Probably Never) Angels

    In General

    1. As all of them are Angels in this movie, yet they have no purpose whatsoever other than being feminist propaganda characters, much like the 2016 all-female Ghostbusters. In short, they're pretty much feminist propaganda characters posing as Charlie's Angels rather than actual Charlie's Angels, much like the female Ghostbusters. As a result, these Angels, in general, seem to repeat the same mistakes that the female Ghostbusters previously did, meaning that Sony didn't learn their lesson from the failure of the female Ghostbusters when creating these Angels;
      • Like the female Ghostbusters, there's absolutely zero chemistry between the Angels.
      • Again like the female Ghostbusters, some of the Angels were spoiled and whiny brats throughout the movie.
      • They're blatantly sexist against men, meaning that the Angels are radical feminists.
    2. Much later in the film, they slowly turn into Mary Sues by gaining abilities from nowhere, hence making them more like woke panderings than actual characters.
      • Jane Kano starts as the physical fighter of the team as her actress, Ella Balinska is the only one of the Angels to have physical training, but she suddenly gains knowledge of chemistry when stealing from the lab.
      • Sabrina Wilson starts to be the brains and street-savvy hustler of the Angels, but much later she is presented as a physical fighter, which makes Jane Kano appear pointless.
      • Elena Houghlin starts as the tech-savvy and nerdy chemist of the Angels: later, she becomes able to handle herself physically, further rendering Jane Kano even more pointless!
    3. Sony only hired various celebrities to play cameo Angels just to get people to watch the film and to also provide a soundtrack, regardless of whether they had acting talents or not.
      • On that topic, the acting performances by the actresses Kristen Stewart, Elena Houghlin, and Ella Balinska are very poor.


    1. Sabina Wilson is giving a very questionable characterization, as she had much physical presence, meaning that when she beats up far larger bad guys, it ends up seeming unintentionally funny rather than impressive Angel at all.

    Redeeming Qualities

    Noteː These redeeming qualities do not excuse the actions they performed.

    In General

    1. They were much better characters in the original Charlie's Angels series and the first two films, which makes their flanderizations sadder.


    1. Elena Houghlin isn't a terrible Angel at all unlike the other two Angels; thus, she is the only likable Angel in this movie.
    2. At least Jane Kano is the only Angel portrayed by an actress who received physical training in the film.


    • Kristen Stewart, who played Sabina Wilson in the movie, later admitted that she hated making the 2019 Charlie's Angels movie and regretted portraying her character in said film, though she did say that working on the movie was "a good idea at the time".


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