Chandler McCann (The Loud House)

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Chandler (The Loud House)
Sewage Boy.png
"Put on your golashes, people!"
Gender: Male
Type: A bully who loves using others..
Age: 11
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Daniel Divenere
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: The Loud House

Chandler McCann is a recurring antagonist of The Loud House. He is Lincoln's arch enemy and a former elementary school student, turned Middle School student.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is shown to take advantage of other people. In his first episode, “The Waiting Game”, Chandler often made Lincoln get free things from Lori, making Lincoln his slave.
  2. The only reason he invited Lincoln and Clyde to his sewage party was not because he considered them friends, but because of the free things Lincoln gave him.
    • He also got away with his actions at the end.
  3. Despite becoming friends with Lincoln and Clyde at the end of the episode “Jeers for Fears”, he goes back to his bullying ways with no explanation in the season 5 premiere “Schooled!”. This made his character development pointless.
  4. He qualifies as an "alpha bastard" because he's popular at his school for throwing wild birthday parties and uses Lincoln and Clyde to get what he wants and acts ungrateful to them.
  5. In “Zack Attack” he only came to Zack's party just to make fun of him for believing in aliens. Which is really one-dimensional.
  6. In an LoL podcast, Chandler takes a table that was meant for Lincoln and Clyde, and later gets to spin a wheel for pizza instead of them.
  7. In “Wheel and Deal”, he competed in a race against Lincoln and Lana, but he only cared about winning the race and not about meeting Bobbie Fletcher.
  8. He was at his worst in “Schooled!” He treated Lincoln horribly, kicked him from behind, cruelly laughing at his misery, and make his desk fall apart for no reason.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He at least briefly made friends with Lincoln and Clyde in “Jeers for Feers”.
  2. Passable and attractive character design.
  3. He does gets his comeuppance in “Schooled!” where he gets dragged by Liam's new pet moose and attacked off-screen.
  4. His voice acting is great.


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