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    Chandler McCann (The Loud House)

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    Chandler McCann
    Sewage Boy.png
    "This is when the show went downhill."
    Gender: Male
    Type: A bad boy who loves bullying others and using them for his own benefits
    Age: 11 (12 as of S5)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Daniel Divenere
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Loud House

    Chandler McCann is a minor recurring antagonist of the Nickelodeon series The Loud House. He is Lincoln's arch-enemy and a former elementary school student, turned middle school student.

    Why He's Intentionally An Obnoxious Bully

    1. He is shown to take advantage of other kids. In his first episode, "The Waiting Game", Chandler tricks Lincoln into taking advantage of Lori's generosity by forcing him to get free things from her, making Lincoln his slave.
    2. The only reason he invited Lincoln and Clyde to his sewage party was not that he considered them friends, but because of the free things, Lincoln gave him.
      • He also got away with his actions at the end.
    3. Despite becoming friends with Lincoln and Clyde at the end of the episode "Jeers for Fears", he goes back to his bullying ways with no explanation in the season 5 premiere "Schooled!". This made his character development pointless.
    4. He qualifies as an alpha bastard because he's popular at his schools for throwing wild birthday parties and uses Lincoln and Clyde to get what he wants and acts ungrateful to them.
    5. In "Zack Attack" he only came to Zack's party just to make fun of him for believing in aliens. Which is really one-dimensional.
    6. In an LoL podcast, Chandler takes a table that was meant for Lincoln and Clyde, and later gets to spin a wheel for pizza instead of them.
    7. In "Wheel and Deal", he competed in a race against Lincoln and Lana, but he only cared about winning the race and not about meeting Bobbie Fletcher.
    8. He was at his absolute worst in "Schooled!". He treated Lincoln horribly, kicked him from behind, cruelly laughing at his misery, and make his desk fall apart for no reason.
      • In "Season's Cheatings", he is inserted in and takes advantage of Lincoln where he makes him get more money, and he gets the Rip Hardcore backpack that he wanted. Lincoln was now heartbroken and ends up missing out on Christmas because of him. Lily then decides to give Lincoln a rolled-up paper as his new gift to make it up to him for not getting a Rip Hardcore backpack, revealing it to be a finger-painting she made of herself giving Lincoln his backpack.
    9. In "Broadcast Blues", he joined the Action News Team and made things worse for them just because the team needed new equipment for their Action News show, by rudely slamming books off of students' hands, and even making fun of a kid who got dumped because of the way he walks in his Bro in the Know segment.
      • In that same episode, it's also shown that he sold stuff from his dad's sewage plant to get the money for the equipment he offered the team and doesn't want anyone knowing, implying that he has little to no respect for his family.
      • In "The Taunting Hour", he uses his giant Chandler cardboard head to prevent Lincoln from seeing Lynn's soccer game and successfully making him miss her whole game. In the end, it is shown three times in flashbacks that he always ruins Lincoln's life.
      • In "Musical Chairs", he causes distractions for Lincoln like kicking his seat while Mr. Bolhofner is teaching, to the point he wanted to change his seat. He even goes as far as almost using hot sauce which melted away a part of a nearby desk, showing just how cruel and wrong that is.
    10. He was mean and nasty which has evil acts in the series which he is Lincoln's archenemy.
      • He's also a villainous jerk, he enjoys bullying Lincoln and his friends by taking advantage of them. He is skilled at plotting and scheming to make Lincoln's life miserable.
    11. While Chandler is a villainous jerk of the show, he becomes more of a bully as of the fifth season.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He at least briefly made friends with Lincoln and Clyde in "Jeers for Feers".
    2. Passable and attractive character design.
    3. He does get his comeuppance in most of his appearances and centered episodes like "Schooled!" where he gets dragged by Liam's new pet moose and attacked off-screen so he's not a Karma Houdini.
      • At times, he's called "Stinky Chandler" by Lincoln who continually tries to destroy his life.
      • He got an award for "Best Detention Getter" in "How the Best Was Won", which he very deserved for his actions.
    4. Daniel Divenere Surprisingly does a wonderful job at voicing him.
    5. He is most likely meant to be hated.
    6. Depending on your view, similar to Lincoln improving himself in season 5 before eventually returning back to his original persona and Leni improving herself in season 6, he has become a bit likable in season 6.
    7. He can be a bit funny at times.


    • As of the fifth season, Chandler is now the main antagonist of the series due to him starting to make more appearances.
    • Chandler bears a few similarities to Jordan Buttsquat from Camp Lakebottom, in that they're villainous jerks and enjoy bullying the main protagonist and his friends, and that they're both arch-enemies to the protagonist and trying to ruin their lives.
    • Most fans have speculated that he is rich and likes money.
    • Some fans and admins believe that Chandler is not a villain, although he is a villain because he simply goes beyond a villainous jerk who enjoys taking advantage of Lincoln and his friends. He is also skilled at plotting and scheming to torture Lincoln's life by making him get into trouble and miss any fun things that he likes.


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