Cera (The Land Before Time)

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"Nobody's safe with *you*!" (To Littlefoot)
Gender: Female
Type: Egotistical Three-Horn
Species: Triceratops
Portrayed by: Candace Huston (1988-1996)
Anndi McAfee (1997-2016)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'The Land Before Time'

Cera is an orange female Triceratops, or Three-Horn from the Land Before Time franchise. Like Littlefoot, she hatches in the first film, and is later separated from her parents and sisters during an earthquake. She accompanies Littlefoot to the Great Valley where she is eventually reunited with her father. She is stubborn, boastful, sometimes reckless, and occasionally belligerent, but is often made to look foolish when she is proven wrong. She is voice by Candace Huston (I-IV) and Anndi McAfee (V-Present).

Bad Qualities

  1. Her character comes off as a bully and a Mean Popular Girl stereotype.
  2. She is very grumpy, stubborn, and reluctant.
  3. When she first meets a supposedly dead Sharptooth in the gorge, instead of running away from it, she decides to taunt and annoy it which wakes up Sharptooth.
  4. She is very egotistical and prideful and keeps boasting about herself.
  5. Whenever something goes wrong for the characters, she immediately blames Littlefoot, even when it's actually her fault.
  6. She leads the gang (except Littlefoot) to danger after she thought that Littlefoot took the wrong way to the Great Valley and then refuse to admit her mistake.
  7. She also acts like a racist towards Long Necks in the first film and even goes as far as calling them stupid.
  8. She lies about being brave and says that she can take care of herself when she actually comes off as a coward at times.
  9. Depending on the sequels, she suffers Flanderization like the other characters where she sometimes acts like an idiot or a bigger jerk.

Good Qualities

  1. She does show redemption near the end of the first film after feeling bad about taking the wrong way and helping Littlefoot and the gang to dispose of Sharptooth.
  2. Like the other main protagonists from The Land Before Time, she does have a cute design.
  3. She did improve a bit and was more nicer and good friends with Littlefoot on the sequels, depending on which one.
  4. Her xenophobic father Topsy might be responsible for how Cera acts towards Littlefoot and the other characters since he told her that Long Necks are stupid.
  5. Candace Huston and Anndi McAfee did a decent job voicing her.


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