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    "Your eyes can decieve you, don't trust them."

    Sly characters who are a step up from your average manipulator and a subcategory of liars.

    As the word implies; these guys are all-around devious schemers who will go through grandiose lengths with concocting ruses and plotting several elaborate schemes to actively decieve, mislead, misguide, and dupe the unsuspecting public repeatedly by luring them in with their enticement and then making them believe something that is not true in order to cause dismay towards those who did fall for their tricks, sabotage something to deflate someone's self-esteem, rigging or cheating at something to get ahead, take advantage of a person's vulernability, and to toy with people's emotions by putting them through a awkward situation at any moment (as well as being advocates for chaos and havoc whom defy conventions and disobey normal social norms in order to make things go their way, even if their actions and plans are cryptic, complicated, nerve-wracking and go against the will of other people's rights). Their underhanded, sneaky and selfish qualties with defrauding people with their deceit, bluff, mystification and skullduggery makes them boundary-crossing nusiances who should not be trusted for how deliberate they are with their acts of distrupting people, decieving people, inconviencing people, bothering people, confusing people or even betraying the trust of many people for their own self-serving purposes.

    Also known as: Beguilers, Charlatans, Cheats, Cheaters, Deceivers, Deluders, Dissemblers, Dodgers, Double-crossers, Double-dealers, Falsifiers, Finaglers, Hoodwinkers, Mountebanks, Obscurantists, Quacks, Impostors, Pretenders, Rogues, Sandbaggers, Scoundrels, Sharps, Shams, Slickers, Slyboots, Phonies, Twisters and Wanglers.

    Most Tricksters are neither expressly good nor evil, though very weaselly, irresponsible, cunning, slick, wily, crafty and unpredictable at best, and at worst, truly chaotic, machiavellian, unscrupulous and anarchistic. While they are creative liars who use subtley within their schemes, are capable of unleashing their resourceful side to liberate anyone (let alone themselves) from distressing situations, and can percieve things from multiple perspectives (which gives them some insight and intellect), these characters still tend to be very insincere, deceitful, often shameless with how extremely opportunistic they are, sometimes lack in common sense, and they tend to use their strategies of trickery to intentionally mess with people without much humility before finding themselves tasting their own medicine at some point (albeit often rarely).

    And despite all of this, instead of being catalysts who still manage to be charming and likable, they just come off as cold-hearted monsters whose manipulative actions that involves bedeviling people and screwing over people with deceptive tactics, often shows how willing they are with fooling people and making them feel cheated out of their hopes and expectations (as well as destroying the trust of others), as well relishing in their trickery and manipulation with sadistic delight, even if it means playing cruel pranks on people for some cheap laughs!

    However, there are many well-developed exceptions of this category however.


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