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    Characters who are so pretentious and prideful about how "clever" they are, which goes to the point they always see themselves as big-shots and full-blown geniuses as they believe they know everything and know more than other people (even if they really don't), and they see other everyone else as "unintelligent" and "ignorant" compared to them.

    Also known as: Know-it-alls, Swellheads, Smartmouths, Smarty-pants, Wiseacres, Wisecrackers, Wise guys, and overall Smart Alecks.

    They are incredibly arrogant in the sense they act like they know better than other people or they're just too much of a smart-ass to have (or show) a genuine sense of self-awareness for how brash and conceited they are, and they are so self-assertive and smug about it that they do it in a obnoxious and unpleasant fashion instead of it being done in a witty and/or charming way.


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