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    Manufacturing lies, the truth is disguised, where reputations are crushed. Where nothing is hushed, If it can be twisted then you can be sure that it will, Cause there ain't nothing sacred, At the rumormill,
    ― George Younce, vividly describing toxic behavior for spreading rumors that resembles a manipulator's actions such as using rumors, lies and other's trust for self-gain and ruining things, heard in Jon Mohr's live-action rendition of the song: George Younce of The Cathedrals- Rumormill (1984).

    Obnoxiously manipulative characters who maliciously and insincerely influence, brainwash and/or control the minds within their skill in manipulation of other characters to make things go their way out of self-interest, even if it's against the will of other people.

    Also known as: Connivers, Exploiters, Gaslighters, Wheeler-dealers, Puppet masters and overall Master Manipulators.

    Oftentimes, they tend to be opportunistic liars who revel in manipulating people for fun of being in control and using other people for their own benefits, or to make them look bad in front of others (manipulated by opportunity with spite and self-gain), sometimes they also enjoy bedeviling them also! However, there are many selfless exceptions of this category however.


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