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    Category:Average characters

    This category is dedicated to characters who were bad to a percentage of critics, fans, and audiences. Simply put, these characters aren't as loathsome as the others, but some of them are not good enough to be on the Incredible Characters Wiki either, but at least they are still mediocre.

    Note 1: In order for a character to qualify as an "average character", they must have at least half as much good qualities as there are bad qualities; for example, if a character has 5 bad qualities but 3 good qualities, than they/he/she/it can qualify.

    Note 2: Characters that fall under this category should have the Why It/They/He/She Sucks and Redeeming Qualities headings replaced with Bad Qualities and Good Qualities, respectively.

    Note 3: If the character was a hate sink, then it should have Bad Qualities with Intentional Bad Qualities, but keep the good qualities.


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