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    Casey (Object Overload)
    Ladies and gentlemen! The reason why Clock got a massive biased hatebaseǃ
    Gender: Female
    Type: Generic Nice Contestant Who Started Clock's Hatebase
    Species: DVD Case
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Object Overload

    Casey is a female contestant from XanyLeaves' object show called Object Overload. She is Popcorn's "best friend".

    Why She's Anything But Nice

    1. She is one of these reasons why Clock got a massive hatebase from his fans who watch Object Overload.
    2. Like Popcorn, she's a generic "nice contestant" who happens to be a Mary Sue.
    3. She cried in front of Clock because she doesn't understand how hard it is being a team captain.
    4. She said that Snow Globe had a lack for a sense of humor because of a small reason.
    5. She has zero amount of character development.
    6. She's another poorly written object show character; unlike Siren and Pineapple from Last Object Standing, there's absolutely no simple backstory of her.
    7. Her friendship with Popcorn can feel forced to watch at times.
    8. She is a filler character.
    9. Her voice is mediocre, just like Popcorn's.
    10. Five words: She is a bland character.
    11. For some reason, she is a DVD case, but she looks like a book.
    12. Also, while her design is decent, looks way too similar to Book from the Battle for Dream Island series. Given how almost all of the characters, regardless of series, have the exact same art style for their character design from BFB and Object Overload, this is saying something.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her design is decent despite WSABN#12.
    2. Despite being bland, she has a passable personality since she isn't an unlikeable jerk or an annoying idiot, but an irritating Mary Sue if at that.


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